How to Optimize Your Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns Pay Per Click Management

Don’t let your Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns fall by the wayside this summer. Rather than ignore your online business efforts because sales might be slipping, use the time to increase your optimization and work on things you wouldn’t normally have time for. Optimizing your PPC ads can add up to significant returns in the long run, but who even has the time for that? Enter summer. The time of year that most people are on vacation, business slows down, and shop owners of all shapes and sizes start dreaming of the holiday season. Be ready well in advance this year by learning how to optimize your PPC ad campaign this summer or hire a PPC Agency to get the job done for you.

Take Advantage of Downtime

A good rule of thumb for any business owner is always to show up like you have work to do. This is especially important for home-based businesses that operate online, or small business owners that offer consulting services or sell products online. Just because there is no actual exchange of money taking place all the time does not mean that you do not have to continue to build your business. While some people might tap out and head to the beach for some lazy afternoons of summer, you will be using your downtime to gear up for the busy fall season. Take advantage of quiet afternoons to increase account optimization, plan your ads for the fall and holidays, and learn to use some new features of Google AdWords while you are at it.

Increase Account Optimization

There are a number of things you can do to help your Google AdWords’ account function more seamlessly. Optimization is one way to improve your posting time and ad creating time. Incorporating advertising extensions automatically is one way to save yourself time and effort. This feature allows Google to automatically place an extension on your ads so that they are more robust and take up more space online, which can increase the performance of the ad overall.

Use the Preview Function

When you find yourself with some time to spare this summer, plan and create your ads for the next few months. You can use your preview function to see how your ads are going to look, make changes to them on the fly, and integrate a whole marketing plan based on your ad creation for further expansion of your marketing efforts.

Always Use the Location Feature

Another good habit to get into is always to use the location feature in your Google AdWords. Using the location feature allows you to target or dismiss people living in certain areas and this can increase clicks exponentially.

While no one thing alone will create massive change, using your downtime to learn about the moving parts of Google AdWords can really make a difference in the long run for you. If you always find yourself saying you don’t have time to post your ads, try using automation for some features to save yourself time; create a marketing plan that is based off your AdWords, and always use the location feature. These can add up to results fast.

What to Expect After You Hire an SEO Company Austin

When a local business owner hires an SEO company for the first time they often don’t know what to expect.  I often get a phone call from the client about one to two weeks into a new SEO campaign and they are wondering when they will see the benefits.  When I first sign up a new client I am very clear that Organic SEO does take some time.  In fact an SEO campaign can take months before a business can see the benefits.  All things in Google are not fast and you don’t want them to be fast or you will have other issues that can wreck your domain.  You want your SEO campaign to be nice and steady but never super fast.

In the beginning of a campaign often the business owner won’t get a lot of phone calls quickly.  This is just the nature of the game.  I am completely up front about the amount of work that goes into a good campaign and I am also transparent about the amount of time before the client can hear the results by the phone ringing.  An organic SEO campagin is for the long haul and long term results.  The short term results you want to look at a Pay Per Click campaign.  I like to combine PPC with organic SEO for the best results for the client.  The pay per click will get the phone ringing quickly but the organic campaign will build trust and authority into the client’s site providing long term results.

Every business is different in what they can afford in their marketing budgets but its important that the business have a marketing budget that will allow for online marketing.  If your company isn’t online or if no one can find your website while searching terms that pertain to your services then you are not visible online.  Austin SEO Company Ysais SEO, offers different plans for different levels of marketing.  You can call today and ask for a free SEO consultation and work out a plan that is right for your business.  The best way to approach online marketing if possible is with a combination plan that allows the best of both worlds.  Not every business can afford to use the combination plan so it all depends on the amount of marketing budget the business has set aside for online marketing.  SEO campagins are important so most businesses should think about their budget and how much return they would like to see.  If you budget to low and it doesn’t bring in enough clients then you may consider increasing your budget.  Each industry is different and no two campaigns are the same.

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Bring New Customers with Pay Per Click Pay Per Click Management

As my standard if possible I like to combine pay per click campaigns with an organic SEO campaign.  If your business can afford the marketing budget to combine the two campaigns you often receive the best of both worlds.  What do I mean by that?

A pay per click or PPC campaign can be created rather quickly.  It does take a few months of setting up and optimizing the account before you get the best outcome possible.  Once we have achieved our goals we have the option of increasing the campaign ad budget or staying the same depending on your company needs.  Often we advise to not only start with a Pay per click campaign but we also recommend an organic SEO campaign.

Pay Per click or PPC is for short term outcome while Organic SEO is more for the long term.  Organic SEO is something that stays around much longer and can be maintained by your SEO company.  A ppc campaign always needs to be managed by your SEO firm and you can stop the campaign at any time.  However, with PPC once you stop the leads will stop coming in.  If you combine both you see the leads faster while we work on your organic SEO for the long term.

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Google Hawk Update SEO News Local Search Engine Optimization

August 22, 2017 Google has a Haw swoop out and made a swift in Local searches.  The Hawk update was only direct at local services so you won’t see this update for searches with out local intent.  We are still learning about the update and gathering information but this is what we know so far.

There is a filter that Google deployed to make sure one company doesn’t monopolize the entire first page of the SERPS.  The filter was changed and updated by a Google update called Possum (yes, they love all things animal!) and  instead of only filtering out a listing that shares the same phone number Google started filtering locations that were located next to each other.  I am sure at the time in the think tank this seemed like a great idea and Google made the filtering changes.  But we all quickly learned that if a business was located next to another business or in the same building as the other business and the two businesses were in the same industry one of the businesses would be filtered out.

There are many businesses in the same industry that are located in the same building or next to the same type of business.  This new filter began to cause a lot of problems and quickly everyone realized this filter wasn’t the best idea after all.  Google had the Hawk swoop in and change the filtering to make it a little less problematic.  If you are close to another company that is in your same industry you should not be filtered out any more.  But if you are located in the same building you are still going to continue to have the filtering problem.  While this change helps with some of the issues there are still problems if you are located 40 to 50 feet away from a competitor.  Think about how many hotels we see packed tightly next to each other!

With continued feedback Google will continue to make adjustments and your SEO Expert will continue to work on any issues you may have with any of the Google updates.

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What Do Experts Say About Google Mobile AMP Local Search Engine Optimization

expertSearch Engine Land added a pretty good blog post about Accelerated Mobile Pages. Google has really pushed hard to serve up Mobile pages super fast by using a technology called AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages.

According to Search Engine Land over 2 billion pages have been published using AMP and that is across over 900,000 domains. The research does show that over that numbers of pages published they did see an increase in not only traffic but also in conversion. Conversion is when you convert a viewer into a customer or client. So over all the accelerated mobile pages do look like they will not only stay but also deliver more traffic and help with conversions. When everyone is trying to do all things on mobile it makes since that we have to serve the data up faster and faster. No one wants to wait for a website to load. The time a client will wait for a website to load is becoming shorter and shorter and honestly you don’t get a lot of time to convert a viewer into a client. In fact you don’t even get a full minute.

The SEO Experts say you better grab their attention in the first five seconds if you want them to stick around and read what you have to say. And for the most part the views don’t stick around to read a lot of what you have on your website. In fact most viewers are looking for your phone number and or contact form. Everyone will either call you or email you. Doesn’t sound complicated until you realize the amount of small businesses that don’t even place their phone number on their websites.

If you need an SEO Expert be sure to contact Ysais SEO Experts, they can help you improve your visibility and also make sure your website is loading fast enough to keep your customer’s attention. Will faster equal better results? I guess we all have to wait and find out for more data but something tells me as we develop technology everyone will need to be much faster!

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