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Adword Ideas You Can Use for Austin PPC Today Austin

  1. Using different manipulations of numerical values is a method you can use to grab attention and differentiate your ads. Flaunting your inventory, listing numbers, product usage or customer base is a great way to cut through the noise and instantly establish credibility.
  2. No matter which industry you are in, a portion of users will view ads as threatening, some will perceive ads as helpful, and others will believe they aren’t relevant to their decision-making process. A big difference-maker in the interpretation of your digital presence is how you’re asking the user to engage with your brand.

    The first word in your call to action (CTA) in your PPC ad can make or break someone’s encounter with your brand. Optimize that first impression by testing the first word in your CTA.

  3. Even if your brand isn’t in the Fortune 500, including brand name in the Headline 2 of your non-brand campaigns can be quite helpful. Branding your ads helps to develop a persona, so the user knows they aren’t clicking on a random link but rather a company they can trust. Warm, fuzzy brand sentiment is always a good thing; if you’re successful, maybe you’ll earn repeat business from this customer.


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3 Reasons You Should Quit Your SEO Company Austin

Why you should quit your SEO Company and hire an SEO Consultant.

    1. With an seo consultantSEO Agency you are nothing more than a number.  Sure they answer your questions and maybe you feel you are getting the very best service but you certainly are not.  With an SEO agency you are getting nothing more than a cookie cutter campaign.  They don’t really dive into your business as an SEO Consultant would or even a Digital Marketing Consultant.  An SEO Consultant dives into your business and learns everything they can to make sure your needs are taken care of and they have less clients and that means they have more time for you and your campagain.
    2. Many SEO Agencies take on your competitors as clients as well.  It is a little secret that each SEO company will take on not only your campaign but also your competitors.  They take in as many clients as they can and they don’t feel this is unethical behavior.  If you are a plumber and they have you as a client and then they take on your top competitor as a client and both of you are promised the top spot in Google? This is unethical and I, as an SEO Consultant only offer exclusive SEO campaigns.  Not everyone in SEO is the same so make sure you find me, Ysais SEO Consultant and I guarantee you I won’t take on your competitors as my clients.  SEO Companies can’t afford to make exclusive seo offers because they have a bloated staff.
    3. Finally, the best reason to quit your SEO Company is an SEO Consultant can offer not only exclusive but also original campaigns.  I take on less clients so that I can devote more time to the client and to really dial in what the client needs to help them grow their business.  I take pride in my work and I take pride knowing that I am helping businesses not only grow but local businesses are able to feed their families, go on great vacations and prosper.

I am a local SEO Consultant and I would love to help you grow your business.  Call me for a free consultation (512)657-8773


SXSW Austin SEO 2017 Austin

It is that time of year again when everyone around the world floods into Austin.  This is a great time of year to walk through the venues and listen to good music from all over the world, eat, drink and be merry.

If you are any good at Twitter you can certainly figure out where all of the FREE food and drinks will be as the venues will tweet their location and let you know what they have to offer.  Just check out the #SXSW and let the fun begin.

You can check the SXSW Schedule out directly to make sure you don’t miss any of the main events:

There will also be a few SEO speakers in the lineup this year so this should be exciting.  Don’t miss Danny Ashton or Gisele Navarro for their Austin SEO talks.

Companies in the United States will spend $65 billion on SEO this year and by 2020, this is set to rise to $79.27 billion. Even though technical SEO is still important, content creation & promotion has become a big part of SEO in 2016.

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