El Arroyo Signs are a Must Read in Austin Uncategorized

If you live in Austin then you know that that El Arroyo Signs are a must read in Austin.  In fact I can’t wait until the sign updates so that I can laugh with the rest of Austin.  The signs are always pretty funny and helping keep Austin original.

I wonder what the next sign will say??


Austin Has A Little Palm Growing on Mopac Austin

How is it even possible that a palm tree could grow on Mopac? I have to think that this little palm that could….. is making the commute and traffic a little easier to endure.

There is a small crack on the side of Mopac that happens to be inside the yellow line so the little palm tree that decided to root there is actually free from the traffic and cars.  It is absolutely amazing that a palm tree could even grow on Mopac…. perhaps this is part of keeping Austin weird?

Some people are wanting to name the little palm #Mopalm and it sure will be interesting to watch this little palm and see how he manages the Mopac traffic.

Go Mopalm Go!


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Source: http://searchengineland.com

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