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5 Ways SEO Experts Say to Optimize for Search

Are you click through rates less than desirable? When people see your website listed in the search engines do they want to click through to your website?  If you need to improve click through rates its all in the SERP snippet also known as Meta Description.  The meta description is useful to not only help your website rank but to also make a person want to click through to your website.  You can offer an irresistible offer, make the snippet begin with something really important but to get the entire idea the person needs to click through.  There are many different way to approach the SERP snippet to make a potential customer WANT to click on your website.

Do you have a successful competitor? Check out what is working for them and find a way to mimic what they are doing but not copy.  In fact make some improvements and roll it out.  We can learn a lot from our competitors so always keep your attention on what is working.

Keywords are changing in the way we rank websites.  We should look at a website page as a whole and rank multiple keywords for one page.  Long gone are the days of one keyword per page… it is time to get moving and re-think your keyword research.

It is important to keep your website fresh with content. This doesn’t mean you have to blog every week but if you want to blog you can blog once a month and keep up with the freshness factor.  But if you can’t blog or don’t want to blog there are others ways to keep your website fresh.  You can alter your homepage content slightly to tip the freshness factor…… did that blow your mind?

In the end if you really want to rank for your keywords you need proper keyword research, proper website structure, fresh content (not blogging until your hands fall off) and of course don’t forget about your back links……. Yes, you still need links to rank well.

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