Austin is also called “The Live Music Capital of the World” and is such a lively and fun city to live in. You can enjoy great music in Austin or take a hike one of the many trails around town. The city is absolutely beautiful and here ten things you can do in Austin, TX.
1. Visit the State Capital: Austin is the capital of Texas and you can actually visit the Capital and admire the beautiful building or go and watch the government in action. Many times you will see a lot of people visiting the grounds and enjoying the State capital building. The building has a lot of history and you will learn a lot about Austin. You can visit the State Capital here:
1100 Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78701

2. Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail: Lady Bird Lake has an extensive trail that you can either hike or bike around. The scenery is breathtaking and you will enjoy the atmosphere and the weather. Austin is known for the friendly people and the beautiful hike and bike trails. Be careful if you try this activity in the summer as Austin is very hot in the summer and can reach temperatures of 100 degrees or more so bring your water bottle!

3. Barton Springs Pool: After your hike or bike on the trail you can cool off in the Barton Springs Pool. Barton Springs is an actual spring that stays a cool 70ish degrees all year round. You will see Austinites enjoying the pool and catching some sun in the grass and enjoying the day!

4. Mount Bonnell: Mount Bonnell is known for the beautiful views and even popular at night. Of course at night you can enjoy the lake view and also the lights on the water. This spot is even a popular date spot if you want to impress your partner. You can go climb up Mount Bonnell very easily with the steps provided and enjoy the view: 3800 Mt. Bonnell Rd., Austin, TX 78731.

5. University of Texas at Austin: UT is one of the top universities in the country! You can go and take a tour of the campus or enjoy a few of the many museums on campus. In Austin football is very popular and it is a big deal to go and watch a college football game at the UT stadium. If you plan to watch a game at the University of Texas be sure to buy your tickets early as the games sell out quick. You can visit the University here: Austin, TX 78712 Don’t forget to visit the Observation deck of the 1937 tower infamous for 1966 shootings affords 360-degree views of the city. Learn more about Austin here: Ysais Digital Marketing

6. Congress Avenue Bridge: Congress Avenue Bridge is famous because of the thousands of bats that live under the bridge. You can go visit the bridge at dusk and watch the bats make their grand entrance to fly out into the night and capture dinner. A lot of people go to watch the bats as it is a big deal in Austin and you can bring snacks and enjoy yourself in the grass while you wait. Austin also has a great bat sculpture in honor of the bats.

7. Circuit of the Americas: Finally Austin is now home to the F1 race and much much more. The Circuit of the Americas track is amazing and something you should definitely see in your life time. People from all over the world come to Austin to watch the F1 Race and to visit the Circuit of the Americas track.

8. SXSW: South By South West is what gave Austin it’s nickname of “The live music capital of the world”. Bands from everywhere come and play at SXSW in hopes of becoming famous. The venue at SXSW is huge and now extends into several weeks and not only features bands but now also has an electronic week to showcase computers, apps and much more. SXSW is something you must attend at least once in Austin, TX.

9. Town Lake: Town Lake is the lake that runs right through Austin. Recently they have revamped the whole area to make it more family friendly and have added a huge bridge so you can now run or walk right beside the lake. Town Lake is one of the top activities in Austin and you will always find people there walking, riding bikes and enjoying the weather.

10. Zilker Park: Zilker Park has a train for the kids and also some treats to eat and drink while you are there. Austin often holds festivals at Zilker Park for you to enjoy such as the kite festival and is also home of the Austin Christmas tree and the Trail of Lights. You can visit the park here: 2100 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78704

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