Austin is known for the food! Austin is always keeping it weird but it is also a spectacular place to try some of the best food in Texas.  Now, that is a big statement because Texas is big and how can Austin offer some of the best food in Texas?  Austin is the capital of Texas and has many people moving here from many different states.  Austin is booming and so the food scene is also booming.  We have people from every where making some of the best food.

Austin is known for their BBQ.  In fact you may have seen the commercials about Franklin’s BBQ?  If you haven’t you need to check it out.  You can just drive-by and realize that Franklin is super popular by the line that usually wraps around the building.  In fact the line is so long that I won’t go to the new location.  The best time to try the BBQ was before Franklin became so popular in Austin.  That is right he originally started in a small trailer.  Rumor has it that this is the best BBQ not only in Austin but in Texas.

One place that Franklin himself will eat at for BBQ is Snows BBQ.  Snow’s is just outside of Austin but she has a pretty cool story because she only has BBQ on the weekend.  During the week she is a school janitor but she must really know her BBQ because that is where Franklin eats BBQ.

A few other Austin BBQ joints are John Mueller’s and Le Barbeque.  John has a sister and she opened Le Barbeque right here in Austin after an argument.  The story says they didn’t agree on things so his sister opened her own place right here in Central Texas.  Both are equally good but I will say that at Mueller’s we did have an issue with one of the employees not knowing how to cut the brisket correctly.  We asked for a particular cut of meat and the employee kept trying to pass off a different piece of the brisket so it was a bit strange.  But all in all John knows his pit and makes some darn good brisket.

Austin is known for other types of foods and not just BBQ but BBQ is probably one of the most popular when people come to visit.  I will have to take some time to write about the Austin Tex-Mex because that one is also exploding with good flavors.

Austin is known by many names, Music capital of the world, Keeping Austin Weird, Central Texas and a few others but what we can say is Austin has some of the best food, music and culture.  On your next trip to Austin be sure to check out as many of the places as you can but be prepared to be overwhelmed with our many choices.

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