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If you suddenly lost website traffic it may be due to the Google update everyone is calling Fred. Okay, that is a strange name and certainly not one of the animals we have grown accustom to but nevertheless Google has taken ownership of the Google update…. known as Fred.

A site did a pretty big study and discovered what was triggering Fred and the types of websites that lost traffic:

Sistrix, an SEO toolset data collection company, published their analysis of the Google Fred update after reviewing “nearly 300 domains.” Their analysis describes the sites and pages that were hit like this:

“…..outdated, thin and scraped content, as well as incomprehensible articles made up of 300 word ‘SEO texts’ pumped to the brim with main keyword mentions and void of any useful information or a sense of readability.”

Search Engine Land has a tab bit more of the details:

Low value websites were hit by this update and if you have suddenly lost website traffic call us and we will take a look under the hood (website) for you: (512)657-8773

Google did confirm this update but didn’t give us any other information except the information can be found in the Google Webmaster guidelines. We follow Google website guidelines so you don’t have to worry about updates with strange names.

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Google Explains How To Hire an SEO Austin

In February Google released a video on Youtube Titled “How To Hire An SEO”

The video was viewed over 200,000 times but if you actually watch the video you will begin to realize Google doesn’t really tell the whole story. In fact, let’s not forget Google is a company in of itself and all of the information they release is not always the best advice.

Of course the information is useful but let’s not forget the information is biased and as usual incomplete. We weren’t the only ones that noticed. Search Engine Land did a full write up about the video and the details they feel are missing from the video.


The recommendations in Google’s latest video aren’t set in stone either. When user behavior and/or their business priorities change, so will Google’s advice.

If you actually are trying to hire an Austin SEO company, don’t hire someone who is afraid to throw stones at Google. The most effective SEO companies consider a variety of data sources when prioritizing SEO work.

Ysais Digital Marketing helps you gain customers and improve your business.  We aren’t afraid to throw rocks at Google or anyone else that gets in the way.


Crowd Sourced Austin Road Map Alerts Austin

Austin has a website that is crowd sourced that allows you to add information about the road conditions.  If there is a wreck or ice or any kind of danger Austinites are able to mark the spot and let everyone know what is wrong with that part of the road.

Has anyone checked out this website? And can you see all of the RED symbols? That is a LOT of warnings….

You can check it out here: Austin



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