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Ysais Digital Marketing offers exclusive digital marketing campaigns right here in Austin.

It is a well kept secret that most digital marketing agencies like to make promises to not only you but also to your competitors.  What does that mean?

It means that your Digital Marketing Agency not only takes takes you on as a client but they also take on your competitors.  In fact it isn’t considered a big deal to take on more than one company in a niche and also in that same area.  For instance if you own a plumbing company are you sure that your Digital Marketing Company isn’t also offering the same services to your competitors?

Ysais Digital Marketing finds this practice to be unethical and just not loyal.  How can your digital marketing company offer you the best marketing services if they are also offering the same packages to the guy you want to beat?

Ysais Digital Marketing offers Exclusive packages for all of our campaigns:

Digital Marketing Agency Services

Web Marketing

Internet Consulting



Youtube Marketing

Just to name a few of our services.  You can call us for a free consultation (512)657-8773

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Exclusive SEO Services Austin

Ysais Digital Marketing is dedicated to helping promote local businesses right here in Central Texas. Ysais SEO offerings all online digital marketing services to small to medium sized businesses in Austin and surrounding areas.

So, what does it mean when we say we offer Exclusive SEO Services?

SEO Companies don’t want to talk about this or advertise this but most of them offer their SEO Services to every company that calls them. What does this mean? Well, it means that most seo companies will have more than one plumber in Austin trying to get to the first page.

In fact this means seo companies take on clients that are your direct competitors. I have seen this done first hand with an Austin SEO company that had three plumbers wanting to rank in Austin. The same company also had a few AC companies wanting to rank on the first page for the same terms in Austin and surrounding areas.

If the Austin SEO Agency is willing to sign up your competitors how are they watching out for your best interests? They are not!

Ysais SEO stands out because we are only offering Exclusive SEO packages. That means once we sign up a company we will not sign up their competitors. Our promise to you is solid and we will not sign up your competitors because you are our main focus. In fact we even put the terms of the Exclusive SEO packages in writing.

You can take a look around at your seo companies portfolio or check your competitors footer of their website for clues as to who is providing them with online marketing.

Some of you might be surprised at what you find. It isn’t always visible but some of the Austin SEO companies do like to place a link in the footer of your website and that can be found on all or most of their client’s websites.

Call us today and ask us about our Exclusive SEO Services for your local business:  (512)657-8773

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What Will Your Austin SEO Company Achieve in 2017 Uncategorized

Create better mobile experiences.

Mobile, mobile, mobile—you’re probably sick of hearing about mobile, but it’s not going away. Google released yet another mobile-friendly update this year, and you can bet the mobile favoritism will only increase in 2017. Note that I specifically chose the term “mobile experiences.” It’s not enough to have a site that’s responsive, and therefore usable on a mobile device. You should be building all your online interactions with customers to be convenient, accessible, and intuitive on mobile devices. This is especially true if millennials factor into your target audience; as a general rule, think mobile first, and have everything else come second.

2. Measure and analyze more thoroughly.

There are tons of tools available online to help you measure, analyze, and understand your Austin SEO company efforts—most of which are free or inexpensive. There’s no excuse not to be measuring everything you do, from start to finish, as it’s the only way to gain insight into the real impact of your efforts. When I say “thoroughly,” I don’t just mean tracking more metrics—instead, I mean doing more to ensure that your conclusions are accurate, and turning those conclusions into actionable insights rather than speculative hypotheses. Your data can tell you pretty much everything you want to know—but you have to ask the right questions and examine the right areas.

3. Develop more long-form content.

Content marketing is still the king of online marketing strategies as far as I’m concerned, but competition is getting thicker and readers are getting pickier. People have trust issues thanks to fake news, and are getting sick of seeing the same types of headlines and short-form content over and over. The best solution to this is lower quantities of richer, more detailed, long-form content. It means you’ll have to put more effort into every piece you produce, but you’ll stand out from the competition, win more users’ trust, and secure more conversions as a result.


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Signs Your SEO Agency Isn’t Working for You Local Search Engine Optimization

Repetition without action. Can you do what your agency recommends? When an agency says the same thing over and over without helping you find a way to implement something, you’re paying for nothing. Performance can’t possibly improve based on something your agency has done if you haven’t made a change on or off your site to improve performance.

It sounds obvious, but a surprising number of companies pay for SEO that doesn’t get implemented. This is a tricky one, because the implementation is in your hands and most times the agency really isn’t to blame that the recommendations can’t be implemented. Examine the situation honestly — the problem is most likely not the agency.

Everything is a mystery. Can your SEO agency explain the major performance changes — plus or minus 10 percent in a given month — or is everything “just algorithmic?” It’s hard to explain small fluctuations because they do tend to be the search engines flexing their algorithms. But larger changes in performance happen for a reason, especially when the changes result in a new level — higher or lower.

An agency with the proper amount of access to data and insight into the changes happening on a site — and the proper amount of funding — should be able to sleuth out the likely cause and effect.

Finding a new agency is disruptive in that it takes time before you’ll be implementing any new recommendations. There is time to screen, interview, and choose; time for the agency to review, audit, and recommend; time to implement and time for the performance enhancements to occur. If you can fix your agency relationship, do.

But if you can’t fix, make a clean break and find a new SEO partner that will serve your needs better.







How SEO Consultants Calculate ROI Austin

When an SEO Consultant takes on a new client often they mention the return on investment for the company.  In fact the ROI for the business is often even larger than predicted.  Digital Marketing or Search Engine Optimization Consultants are able to place your website in the search engines so your potential clients can find you easily.  Often it is a race among competitors to get to the top first.  Most businesses understand ROI and the benefit but connecting SEO to the ROI is a little harder for companies as they haven’t placed search engine optimization fully in the marketing category yet.  Often companies don’t connect their online marketing with their off line marketing to make an even larger impact for the local company and an even larger Return on investment.

I found a great write up about ROI and how it ties into SEO and most importantly what the ROI can mean to you if you hire a SEO Consultant.  Here are a few highlights and also a link to the actual article.

What Is ROI and How To Calculate It

ROI is a metric used to measure how much was gained vs what effort was put in. It’s a metric that highlights which campaigns have performed best. Marketing & Digital Marketing managers want to be about to know if they spend X, then how much are they going to get in return 2X, 3X.

The formula for ROI is simple:

  • ROI = (Increase from Campaign – Cost of the Campaign) / Cost of Campaign

Working Out Traffic Predictions with SEO Consultants

It’s now for the second part which is how to make traffic predictions. Now like any form of prediction it is just a prediction which means its highly likely to be wrong. However, the more predictions you make the better you will get. However, we are going to show you some quick technics to make sure you are as accurate as possible.

The first part of any traffic prediction is understanding where traffic will be heading in the next 12 months if you did nothing, i.e. natural growth.

Now there is so many days to do this, however I will share you just one way I do it, however you are free do use your own method.

To predict future traffic, I go to Google Analytics and I click on Acquisition > Campaigns > Organic Keywords.

You can learn more here: https://searchenginewatch.com/2016/12/16/how-to-predict-roi-for-seo-fixes/

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