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Content Builds Website Authority

Have you heard the saying that Content is King? Content when used correctly can build authority within your website and boost your rankings.  By combining content with a well rounded search engine optimization campaign you will blow your competitors away and create a solid foundation.

Elements of Winning Content for an Internet Marketing Strategy

I am not speaking about content as in what will convert traffic this information is being written for strictly internet marketing campaign success.   Of course traffic conversion is always taken into account but the purpose of this information is to guide the thinking process of a successful campaign and traffic conversion will not be discussed.

Content Quality

The quality of your content should always be something above and beyond what your competitors are currently doing.  Does your content help your customers in any way?  Your content should go way beyond a brochure or a flyer.  Quality content can be long and well thought out but that does’t mean it has to appear on the home page or the page that everyone makes a buying decision.  There are ways to add brilliant content that goes into great details about your services and will blow the competition away.  Your content must be unique and add value.  If you want to cover a wide range of your services you could try a page of Frequently asked questions.  This can be done in such a way to feature most of your keywords/services.

Keyword Research Before Creating Content

Keyword research is what holds all of your content together and will make your website unstoppable.  By finding the keywords that brings traffic and crafting those keywords into well written unique content that adds value your SEO foundation will be unstoppable.  Keyword research is important and one of the most important factors to consider before crafting your content.  Take your keywords and weave them into your content and create Google food that Google will reward you for and others will wonder how you became so brilliant.  How many times should you repeat your keywords into your content?  You should strive for a keyword density that will allow your internet marketing strategy to shine.  If someone tells you keyword density should be 2.3 percent or any other number you should run.  Keyword density is different for every single website and for every single industry and even different in each city.  So, how is it possible to get the keyword density perfect?

Freshness Alert for all Content

Search Engines love new or fresh content.  Often you will see the recommendation of creating a blog on your website in order to have fresh content.  You can find a freshness boost that will happen if all of the conditions are just right.  The actual rankings boost will actually wear off in a few days or a week and it doesn’t last.  Depending on your industry you can actually ride the freshness boost by producing content around the pulse and news of your industry.  But it isn’t possible for all industries to benefit from this approach.  I recommend fresh and new content often but for different reasons.  You can create content to keep the search engine spiders returning to your website and keep your website active.  You can also use content to boost your rankings which require a few techniques like a silo or specific website structure.  Content also builds website authority if done correctly and can boost your rankings.  By building website authority you are becoming the authority in the eyes of the search engines.  That means your website is comprehensive on the services you offer.  Often we think of the search engines as super smart and we often forget the little things when we put a website together.  For content you have to think about your customers and answer their questions so they call you.  But we also have to think about the search engines and serve up the content to feed them so your website will appear on the first page.  Remember content is just another piece of a large puzzle and should always be in combination of other practices for a well rounded internet marketing strategy that delivers results.

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