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Did You Loose Website Traffic with the Release of Google Panda 4.1?

Google announced the release of Panda 4.1 on September 25, 2014. The roll out of Panda 4.1 will actually take a several weeks. If your site is penalized by Google you will notice a significant drop in traffic. If you are not monitoring your traffic you will also notice a drastic reduction in phone calls.

What is Panda 4.1 targeting? Panda is targeting websites that are thin, meaning very few pages of content and poor content. The penalty will result in your website showing up in fewer online searches and making sure your website is not found on page 1 of Google.

It is easy for business owners to get caught up in a penalty because they are focused on their business and not on Google’s guidelines. It is possible to recover from a Panda update but what most Search Engine Optimization agencies won’t tell you is Google must update their algorithm before your website will recover.

So, you can do all of the steps listed out in this Forbes article http://www.forbes.com/sites/jaysondemers/2014/10/02/panda-4-1-your-guide-to-diagnosis-and-recovery/ but you will not see any significant improvements until the next update is released by Google.  The dates of the upcoming algo updates are never released and they do it when they are ready.  What that means is if your business domain was penalized it could take months and months or even a year or more before your website will recover.

Most of the business owners we work with can’t wait months and months for their phones to start ringing again.  We offer a free penalties check and we also look for the fastest solution to get your website back into the rankings.  The first part of the issue is to figure out if your domain was penalized, what triggered the penalty and then the best plan of action to recovery.

Time is money and small to medium sized businesses don’t have the time to wait for the next Google update named after some animal.  You can read more about local seo and how you can increase your clients with the use of digital marketing.