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Google 3 Pack Maps Will Become All Sponsored

It has been a long time but Google has consistently tested their new Adwords Express in San Francisco targeting home services niches.  The testing recently shows a full sponsored 3 pack which means soon Google will no longer offer the “Free Pack” in map listings.  For now the testing has been contained to the Home services niche such as plumbers, locksmiths and so on.  But we have to wonder when will Google roll this testing out to the rest of the United States and will they begin to include more than just home service types of companies?

There has been confirmation that the sponsored pack is showing up in areas around San Francisco for the first time and not just in San Fran.  The change is coming and quickly approaching.  If you get the majority of your phone calls for your business from the Google map listings then you are in trouble.  If you need help or want to talk about the change you can call us and we will be happy to explain the change and what we can do to make sure you keep getting phone calls.

There are many home businesses that fully rely on the Google map listings and many were left out when the 7 pack reverted to the 3 pack.  There are other ways to make sure your company still brings in new customers.  I evaluate companies all the time that only have a strong map presence and not a strong organic presence and these are the local companies that will feel the change the most.

Here is a screen shot of the testing rolling out in San Francisco and beyond:

As you can see the entire map pack is sponsored only using a service Adwords Express. This service is not a per click service but a per call service. There are other ways you can still bring in new clients! Ask us how you can gain new clients.

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