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How to Optimize Your Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns

Don’t let your Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns fall by the wayside this summer. Rather than ignore your online business efforts because sales might be slipping, use the time to increase your optimization and work on things you wouldn’t normally have time for. Optimizing your PPC ads can add up to significant returns in the long run, but who even has the time for that? Enter summer. The time of year that most people are on vacation, business slows down, and shop owners of all shapes and sizes start dreaming of the holiday season. Be ready well in advance this year by learning how to optimize your PPC ad campaign this summer or hire a PPC Agency to get the job done for you.

Take Advantage of Downtime

A good rule of thumb for any business owner is always to show up like you have work to do. This is especially important for home-based businesses that operate online, or small business owners that offer consulting services or sell products online. Just because there is no actual exchange of money taking place all the time does not mean that you do not have to continue to build your business. While some people might tap out and head to the beach for some lazy afternoons of summer, you will be using your downtime to gear up for the busy fall season. Take advantage of quiet afternoons to increase account optimization, plan your ads for the fall and holidays, and learn to use some new features of Google AdWords while you are at it.

Increase Account Optimization

There are a number of things you can do to help your Google AdWords’ account function more seamlessly. Optimization is one way to improve your posting time and ad creating time. Incorporating advertising extensions automatically is one way to save yourself time and effort. This feature allows Google to automatically place an extension on your ads so that they are more robust and take up more space online, which can increase the performance of the ad overall.

Use the Preview Function

When you find yourself with some time to spare this summer, plan and create your ads for the next few months. You can use your preview function to see how your ads are going to look, make changes to them on the fly, and integrate a whole marketing plan based on your ad creation for further expansion of your marketing efforts.

Always Use the Location Feature

Another good habit to get into is always to use the location feature in your Google AdWords. Using the location feature allows you to target or dismiss people living in certain areas and this can increase clicks exponentially.

While no one thing alone will create massive change, using your downtime to learn about the moving parts of Google AdWords can really make a difference in the long run for you. If you always find yourself saying you don’t have time to post your ads, try using automation for some features to save yourself time; create a marketing plan that is based off your AdWords, and always use the location feature. These can add up to results fast.