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Is Search Engine Optimization the Correct Term?

Time has changed a lot of things in the SEO world. In fact our duties and services as an SEO provider has dramatically changed since I have been in business and offering seo services in Austin. The terms SEO is easily thrown around and you are bombarded with emails from India offering very cheap search engine optimization services. Of course those guys offer big things and never produce but considering how much things have changed and how much services have changed is SEO really the correct term?

Search Engine Land wrote a pretty good piece on this very topic. It describes how SEO has evolved and how perhaps…….. we should give ourselves a whole new tittle. As seo evolves perhaps so does our tile.

SEO services

These days, a practitioner of search engine optimization is more of a content experience analyst who focuses on optimizing and deploying content across multiple devices and platforms. It’s all about building high-quality, useful, intent-based content for all stages of the buyer journey so as to be there in a consumer’s moment of need.