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Keyword Research

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is what every good SEO or internet marketing strategist begins with to develop a unique plan for a local business.  We perform the research to find what search terms and search phrases your customers are using to find services and products that you offer.  Basically keyword research is looking for user intent and looking at the exact terms and words that will bring them to your website to purchase your services or similar services.  You can use a large amount of tools to really boil down the terms and look for as many keywords as you can that will benefit your campaign.  If you don’t find the right keywords your campaign won’t be successful.  Some people will use Google Keyword planner to do their keyword research but there really are much better tools on the market that will really make a much better local campaign and crunch all of the data for you.

Keyword Density

Once your keyword research is completed when you are planning your website content you will then think about keyword density.  This can refer to how often you mention your keywords in your content.  There is a lot of tips and tricks to find the perfect keyword density and really there is no magic number.  You must test and when you learn what the search engine is looking for in your city and in your industry you will begin to learn about keyword density.  In 2018 you will be better off to write more in depth content that covers your topic really well and expands into the topic rather worrying about keyword density.  You still need to pay attention to the keyword density but the focus is changing.

Keyword density can be used to tell a reader and the search engines what the subject or topic is of that particular web page.  Be careful when you are adjusting keyword density because you can actually hurt your website visibility by making keyword density so high that your website will receive a penalty.  All of the success factors can actually harm your website if you are purposely using the factors to specifically manipulate Google and this is why you must not dial in one of the success factors so high that it becomes obvious you are trying to purposely increase your website visibility and that process is often called search spam.  You don’t wan to be to high or to low when you are dialing in your keyword density.

Often you will hear people talking about the optimum level for keyword density and you will even hear people throwing out percentages like 1% or 3%. This is not a number that you can template and rely on across all industries or in every city.  This number should be different for each and every local business. When you are trying to figure out your keyword density you never count any of your HTML tags or embedded tags that do not appear in the actual text of the web page.  There are a lot of tools on the market to help you figure out the keyword density of a page very quickly.  With the click of a button you can easily figure out your density as well as your competitors.  Often a consultant will figure out the keyword density of the top ten companies ranking on the first page of Google for your related keywords and then take the average between all of them to give them a guideline for the appropriate keyword density.

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