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Stick to your existing Keywords: When you want to increase the traffic on your website, you set some target keywords and rank them according to their popularity and score in the analytics data for the search engine. Doing this on regular basis help your website to have more and more traffic. This takes time, when you see the results; do not go for new keywords, thinking that it could improve the results for you. Actually it doesn’t. It does the opposite of it. These new keywords will alleviate the effect of your current keywords and you may end up losing the traffic for your website.

Long Keyword Optimization: Long keywords is SEO are thought to be less effective thinking that these are ignored by search engines and are mostly useless. But this thinking also creates an opening to use these long keywords intelligently as people tend to ignore these.
Optimize these in a way that it can give search engines more reachability to your website.
Include less competitive Keywords: Less competitive keywords are also not much affected from search engine updates. They may not be as effective as long tail keywords but can survive the updates of search engines. Reason is simple; less competitive keywords are those which are targeted by fewer websites, so imagine if 10 websites are using that keyword. When update comes, the worst thing that can happen is that you can get 10th rank, which is still better than being on 100th rank.

New Content, Daily: That’s the most common way to stay alive in the search engine optimization is to keep your website up to date. The more updated content you post on your website, the less vulnerable it gets to the updates of search engines, and your website will truly deserve traffic if there is appreciable and reliable content being placed daily on it.

Hyperlink only stable websites: Linking bad webpages to your content can reduce your traffic as people can get frustrated and will stop visiting your page as this will decrease reliability of your content. To make a stable progress, only backlink those websites which are relevant to your content, and are themselves resistant to changes in SEM and search engine policies, so this will help your website to get stability.
Use Social Media: Websites like Facebook, twitter etc. are huge carriers of traffic. You can promote your website on these social network websites via pages, groups and posts by linking the website address of your content as this doesn’t get affected by search engine updates and can get you traffic all the time. All you have to do is to know; how to use these effectively.

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