On Page Optimization also known as On Page SEO is the foundation of an amazing Marketing campaign.  If the on page is not set up correctly then your results in the campaign won’t be as good and you will have lack luster results.  I thought it would be easier if you could see the actual results from our On Page Optimization:

On Page Optimization Results and Case Studies

Company Name: King Electric Recording

Keyword Targeted:  Austin Recording Studio

Keyword Ranking Before On Page Optimization is applied:

Date: 09/18/2017, Ranking before On Page: 78th in Google

Before On Page SEO

I began my On Page Optimization techniques and captured the following results:

Date: 9/21/17

Four days after On Page Optimization is applied:

Results from On Page SEO

On Page Optimization Results 22 Days Since Optimization :

On Page SEO Results

Ysais SEO On Page Optimization Results

King Electric Began the On Page Optimization journey on page 8 of Google. They had a nice website that needed an On Page Optimization overhaul. 22 Days after the Ysais On Page Optimization began the website was on the 2nd Page of Google.

The results were achieved with On Page Optimization or On Page SEO only and no Off Page SEO was applied.  For this company to achieve Page 1 they will need backlinks or content that is specifically aimed at their keywords and correctly linked.