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PPC or Pay Per Click Strategy and Going Beyond the Click

PPC Management ServicesA successful PPC Management Expert will always have a strategy that is beyond the click.  Anyone can throw together a pay per click campaign and hope to get a few clicks.  But what a pay per click management expert will do is actually plan to not only get the largest amount of clicks for less ad spend but they are always planning beyond the click.  Let’s say a person loves your ad because it is in the right place at the right time and they are looking to buy your particular service.  So, they click your PPC ad and they go straight to your home page….. Is that typical?  Well, it is typical if you don’t have a successful PPC Management expert handling your pay per click campaign.

I can’t tell you how many PPC Ads I have seen that lead you straight to the homepage of a website.  But many will ask what is wrong with that? Well, to begin with the homepage is not optimized for that particular click or for any pa per click ads campaign.  You often have the wrong information on a homepage that won’t help the person that click’s your ppc ad to be able to decide if they want to call you or hire you for services.

Your homepage of your website should never be the landing page of any campaign.  You have a navigation that let’s people click all over the website instead of helping them decide on the services you offer.  You don’t want to waste a perfectly good click and then dump everyone on your homepage and let them try to find your phone number or let them click around all over your website.

What do you want on a PPC landing page?  You don’t want the full navigation on your landing page that you have on a typical website page.  The reason is you want to make an offer and then give the person that clicked your ad a choice to call you or fill out your form.

You want you call to action to be there loud and clear.  So do you want the person to call you or fill out a form?  Or answer a survey?  All of this must be planned out before the campaign even begins and no campaign is created equal.

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