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The Future of Local SEO and Pay Per Click Marketing

The future of SEO is a big topic for many local businesses.  In the past it was easy to rely on organic SEO and the business would bring in a large amount of customers.  Lately, we have seen a larger surge in Pay Per Click Ads.  In fact in 2017 PPC ads had an increase of 53% so far for this year!  Google has worked really hard at revamping their PPC marketing areas and doing a good job of squashing as much of the organic SEO as they can.  Slowly but surely organic SEO in different niches has become smaller.

In some niches it is best to not only work on organic SEO but to begin working on Pay per click marketing.  If the upswing continues we may see a lot less organic in local maps and a lot more pay per click advertising.  Whatever the future is the business owners must adapt or become irrelevant.

If you are looking for a company that can help your company grow with Pay per click marketing then give us a call today! Ysais Digital Marketing offers PPC Marketing and organic SEO to make sure your business continues to grow.

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