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The Many Names of Austin

Austin is a beautiful city and you may know it by different names.  Austin has adopted more than a few different name by its residents that are known as Austinites.  Austin is very diverse since the big population explosion and with more people Austin bean to adopt different names.

You may have heard Austin, TX referred to as ” The Music Capital of the World”.  If you didn’t know it SXSW is held here every Spring and musicians comes from all over the world to be discovered.  The festival actually drives in hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world.

Austin is often refereed to as “Keep Austin Weird”.  As the city began to grow with more and more people the residents decided they liked Austin small and weird.  Austin has a different vibe than most cities and indeed the central Texas city can be pretty weird!

In the late 19th century Austin as known as “The Violet Crown” because the hills would glow beautiful colors after the sun had set.  I don’t think you can see these colors any more with all of the city development but it would be really amazing if we could.

In the 1990’s Austin became known as Silicon Hills.  In the 1990’s Austin had a big boom in Technology and businesses were moving here from the Silicon Valley.  Even today Austin has a very large technology community and is the leading technology city in Texas.

Those are some of the most popular names but Austin is also known for their bats under the Congress bridge.  Austin even has a bat statue dedicated to the bats and some might say we are the bat capital of Texas.  In Austin there are hundreds of thousands of bats that will swoop out at dusk to fly the night skies and find their food.  The bats return in the dawn to sleep throughout the day.

There are so many things to do here in Austin and the city is beautiful.  If you ever visit the city be sure to have lots of time to explore.  You cant’ just see one thing but you must experience all of it to the the full effect of the people, the city and the food.

For now that is all of the names Austin is known for or goes by! I wonder if in the future we will acquire a few more names and what could they be?  I guess only time will tell.

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