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What Do Experts Say About Google Mobile AMP

expertSearch Engine Land added a pretty good blog post about Accelerated Mobile Pages. Google has really pushed hard to serve up Mobile pages super fast by using a technology called AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages.

According to Search Engine Land over 2 billion pages have been published using AMP and that is across over 900,000 domains. The research does show that over that numbers of pages published they did see an increase in not only traffic but also in conversion. Conversion is when you convert a viewer into a customer or client. So over all the accelerated mobile pages do look like they will not only stay but also deliver more traffic and help with conversions. When everyone is trying to do all things on mobile it makes since that we have to serve the data up faster and faster. No one wants to wait for a website to load. The time a client will wait for a website to load is becoming shorter and shorter and honestly you don’t get a lot of time to convert a viewer into a client. In fact you don’t even get a full minute.

The SEO Experts say you better grab their attention in the first five seconds if you want them to stick around and read what you have to say. And for the most part the views don’t stick around to read a lot of what you have on your website. In fact most viewers are looking for your phone number and or contact form. Everyone will either call you or email you. Doesn’t sound complicated until you realize the amount of small businesses that don’t even place their phone number on their websites.

If you need an SEO Expert be sure to contact Ysais SEO Experts, they can help you improve your visibility and also make sure your website is loading fast enough to keep your customer’s attention. Will faster equal better results? I guess we all have to wait and find out for more data but something tells me as we develop technology everyone will need to be much faster!

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