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Yelp Optimization for Business Owners

Yelp is an important platform that is a Business Directory platform.  Did you know that in February of 2017  Yelp recorded 73 Million unique “desktop” users and 65 Million unique “mobile” users.

That is a lot of users and you don’t want your business to miss out on potential customers.  Ysais Marketing is unique in the fact that we look for all avenues to help increase your business. A business owner needs many streams of customers to grow their business and become successful.

Yelp Optimization Case Study:  What Happens if you Optimize your Yelp Business page?

Within Yelp a business owner picks the categories that describes their services.  Within each category the business’s are grouped in an order and you are either at the top of the rankings, some where in between or buried.  If your business is located at the top of the rankings in each category you have a much better chance of attracting new customers.

Company:  Stable Foundations

Yelp Category: Concrete Contractor, Before Yelp Optimization, 17th Position

Yelp Optimization for Business Owners


After Yelp Optimization: Results Three Weeks into Yelp Optimization for Business Owners:

Yelp Optimization Business Page







What did this mean to the business owner:

Business Page Yelp Optimization

But that was only one category. What happens if you optimization your Yelp Business Page for every category? See results below:  They had a growth of 3800% and 31 Customer Leads in less than a month! Could your business use 31 leads or more every two weeks?

Yelp Business Page Optimization