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Restore Audit

The Restore Audit by, Ysais Digital Marketing, Inc. “YDM” is at the forefront of the website Recovery Audit industry.  The Audit is specifically designed to restore rankings, revenue, traffic and is the first step in website recovery.

Recovery audits are now more important due to the ever-changing world of updates from the Google Algorithm. Before you can fix the problems, you need to understand how the algorithm has changed and how it affects your site. 

On completion of our Restore Audit, you will know precisely the required adjustments for both on-site and off-site (backlinks) changes necessary to bring your site back to life with a step-by-step action plan.


Website Recovery Audit by YDM

Recovery Audit by YDM

FROM $ 2,500.00

The Restore Audit can take 4-5 weeks to complete, subject to the type of Google Update that is currently affecting your site.

This is not your typical SEO Audit!

This audit was designed specifically by Marie Ysais for websites that have been hit by any of the Google Algo Updates.

If you have a website that was previously performing well and one of the following happened, the Restore Audit is for you:

  • The site traffic has significantly dropped.
  • The site revenue has suddenly dropped.
  • The site rankings have dropped.
  • If you have a similar image like the one below.
Website Rankings

What Google Updates does this Audit cover?

All Google Core Updates

Spam Update

Reviews Update

Helpful Content Update

Recovery Audit Reviews

“I’ve done technical audits in the past. I like how to the point and actionable this is. Less things to get caught spinning your wheels on.”


Audit Review