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Google Penalties Check

Has your domain been penalized by Google?

Google is constantly changing and launching updates such as the panda update, penguin update and more.  We don’t need to bore you with naming all of the animal updates by Google but we can tell you that if you have been penalized you will see a loss in traffic to your website.

Were you ranking well for your keywords and then suddenly you are on the third and fourth page of Google?  

Did you notice a huge loss in traffic to your website?  Or maybe you just noticed your phone stopped ringing.  Either way, those can all be signs of a penalty.

We offer a free domain and website consultation to check for signals that your domain has been penalized.  Sometimes it can be an easy fix and other times you need to start over with a new domain.  

We will take a look and then make suggestions to help you recover quickly.

Google Penalties Check

Is your domain penalized by Google?

Have you lost a significant amount of website traffic or have a loss in keyword rankings?
Find out if your website has been penalized!

Some of the largest SEO companies in Austin had clients that were hit with the latest updates.  I was able to gain some new clients but my point is that if your current search engine marketing company is not doing proper search engine optimization your website could be hit with the next update.

Contact us today and ask us to review your domain.  We will check for signals that your domain has been either penalized or can be penalized in the future.  We can’t always save your domain but we do have solutions to get your website up and running so your phone can start ringing again.