PPC AdvertisingIMN released a click through rate study that was performed a few months ago so the information can be used for this year.  Have you ever wondered what the new click through rate is for organic SEO since Google has stepped up its game for pay per click advertising?

It is no secret that Google makes a lot of money via its advertising PPC or pay per click system Adwords. In the last few months Google has been able to take up more of the landscape of search results and tweaked their pay per click advertising model so that less and less organic space is available.  Is organic SEO dead? Absolutely not but here are the latest click through rate percentages via the IMN study:

Position one in organic is now getting 21.12% of the clicks.  That figure is down from the last CTR studies but still holds up with a lot of traffic.  Position 2 in organic slides down to just over 10% and position 3 in organic is just over 7% of the CTR traffic.

The percentages are lower but what they did find is page 2 of organic is picking up some traffic and actually more than usual.  That is interesting since we all know you can bury a dead body on the second page and no one would find it! (SEO humor)

So, the traffic for the first page of Google in Organic is slipping down and just the way Google wants it! Pay per click advertising or PPC Advertising is growing (finally) and with the current events will continue to gain speed and grow.

What I recommend is to put in place an SEO campaign that not only covers organic SEO but also includes pay per click advertising.  With that type of campaign you would have the best of both worlds. If you are a business owner and you have a marketing budget call me and let’s discuss how you can take over the world…. or your local area with an SEO campaign that includes pay per click.

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