At the core of every marketing strategy, is branding. Without a brand, it can be very difficult to effectively market your business altogether. In the age of consumerism, almost anyone and everyone can sell products. Selling a product or service is not enough to grow a business alone–you need a brand that consumers can trust and get behind.

However, building a brand isn’t as simple as creating a logo, and a cool name. Creating a brand that works requires a lot of careful thought, planning, and work. Here are some essentials from Austin SEO‘s to know, when developing your own brand strategy.

Knowing the Purpose of Your Brand Is Key!

In order to build a strong brand, you have to know what the purpose of your brand is above and beyond simple profits. You have to have a cause, and a reason for existing that consumers can get behind. It doesn’t much matter what that purpose is, as long as you have a clear understanding of what it is.

For example, your purpose could be to provide consumers with shoes made only of recycled plastic to preserve the environment. This is a purpose, that comes with a clear cause that consumers can understand and support.

Remain Consistent

Consumers like knowing that the companies they support, remain consistent in their purpose and focus, as well as quality. It can be damaging to a brand to do a complete ‘180’ on your consumers. If your consumer base has become used to expecting one thing from you, they can decide to drop your brand altogether if they no longer feel like they are getting any level of consistency. It can be a dangerous trap that new brands fall in to, to try and change their image too often. Stick to what works and build on it.

Develop Emotional Connections

Watch an ad for Coca-Cola, and see how heavily their marketing team plays on the nostalgia of having a crisp cola with friends, family, etc. They are attaching certain emotional responses to their product. This might sound weird, but it is great marketing and develops a connection to the brand.

You need to find a way for consumers to emotionally invest in your brand. This is done through your purpose, and consistency. If consumers feel emotionally attached to your brand, they are likely to share it with friends, family, and social media on their own. This is a great way to build ‘word-of-mouth’ notoriety.

Be Aware of Competition

In the world of business, it’s always smart to observe and analyze competition within your own niche. This can help you to learn what other businesses are doing, what is working for them, and what holes in their brand that exist; holes that you think your brand can fill.

This will help you develop a contrast between your brand and competing ones. Competition drives innovation and is healthy in a free market. Engage in it, don’t run away from it!

Final Thoughts

When developing a brand strategy, try to think of all the ways that you as a consumer have connected with established brands in the past. Analyze critically what made you stick with brands in your own life and try to recreate those feelings and ideals within your own brand.

A strong brand is one that builds trust, loyalty, emotional connection, and sends a clear message to the consumer. That is how you build a brand that lasts and grows.