A website is a must-have for any big or small business. But do you need an HTML site for your business? Back In the 90s, an HTML Site was a must. But with the creations of Content Management systems like WordPress, static HTML sites are no longer needed as much. So now let’s have a look at some pros and cons from Ysais seo consultancy that have to do with having an HTML site for your small business.

The Most Popular Pro is the Ability To Customize It

Having an HTML website will definitely allow you to customize it however you want. So if you’re picky about every little aspect of your website, an HTML site is definitely for you.

And your website represents your business in a lot of ways,
so you want to give your site a unique look. A lot of people nowadays use
WordPress to make their websites, which is why a lot of websites look so
similar to each other.

So building an HTML website from scratch can definitely give
your website a very unique look that others don’t have, and that will help your
website stand out.

Pro: Your Website Will Be A Lot More Secured

If you’re worried about your website ever being hacked, you definitely need an HTML website. When you build an HTML website from scratch, you’re the mechanic. That means you decide what code gets added to your website, so you have a lot more control of it.

When you choose to create your website on a CMS or anything similar to that, you don’t have much control of the code that gets put into your website. And that makes it a lot easier for hackers to install malware into your website, which is not good.

Con: Has A Long Learning Curve

Building an HTML website requires you to know how to code a little. So when it comes to building your site, learning HTML can get very difficult for some people. That takes some time to learn, and it can also get difficult depending on how you want your website to look and function.

Con: It’s Very Time Consuming

So if you don’t have the time to learn how to code an HTML
website and manage it, you will need to hire someone to do it for you. And that
process can get really expensive. And because you’re too busy running a small
business, an HTML website might not be an option for you if you don’t have much
money. So you will benefit a lot more from creating a website on a CMS like
WordPress or others.

Con: It’s A Lot More Expensive

Creating an HTML website from scratch can get very expensive for many reasons. You will have to pay a web developer a lot more money to create an HTML website for you. Not only that, you will also have to pay them every time you want any single thing changed.

So if you don’t have the time to learn HTML, and you also
don’t have enough money to pay a Web Developer, an HTML website is not for you.

Final Thoughts

If you have a small business, it will be better for you to create your website on something like WordPress. As your business grows, and you start to have more money coming in, you can always hire someone to create an HTML website if you want.