We are seeing a huge shift in the way that content is consumed nowadays. In the past, the majority of the content was consumed through reading or looking at pictures. However, with the increased use of social media and technology in general, we have seen in SEO firms that more and more people are engaging with videos. Youtube has been central in this switch in the way that consumers consume content. This has opened up a whole new way of marketing.

What Is A Video Marketing Campaign?

Well, what is a video marketing campaign? Simply put it is
when your company creates videos in order to engage with customers with the
intention of converting them into paying customers. This can be done in many
ways and can achieve so many different outcomes. It can help you build a
relationship with your customers, increase awareness of your product or service
or just promote your company as a whole.

Taking This Approach Will Benefit Your Company Tremendously

More and more companies are taking this approach when it comes to marketing and it’s no wonder when you look at the benefits of adopting such a campaign. In terms of putting your content up on social media, videos are a great way to do this. When we operate on social media sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook, those companies are trying to keep us on their site for as long as possible.

Videos Keep The Consumers Attention Longer

It’s as simple as that for them, the more time people spend on the platform, the more ads that they can see and so the more money they can make. In this way, these platforms are going to favor content that keeps people on their site for the longest amount of time. As a video will keep people on the site for longer than a regular post they tend to put them closer to the top of the newsfeeds.

This means that more and more people will see your video. And an increase in the amount of people who see your product will lead to an increase in the amount of people who buy it.

Videos Are A Good Medium To Tell Stories On

People love to hear stories. They want to engage with the
company, have a feeling that they know and trust a company before they make the
purchase. Video is such a good medium to tell these stories on. You can instil
a personal aspect that many of the multinationals are missing out on. Putting a
face to a name and really using your words and body language to portray a sense
of confidence in your product that will inevitably rub off on them.

Final Thoughts

Probably the most important point, however, is simply that
people are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video as opposed to
another form of ad. It was found that after watching a video people were up to
85% more like to then go on and buy the product. These statistics are so good
and make it a clear cut choice to use video over all other mediums.

It really isn’t a question of whether or not you should
start a video marketing campaign but rather when will you start developing your
own video marketing campaign.