So you have created a business website and wondering why you are not getting as much traffic as you had anticipated. Have you tried backlink strategies? Maybe not, perhaps it is your first time to hear about it now!

Backlink strategies, also known as inbound links, are typically sites that link back to your website. Over the years, this strategy has grown in leaps and bounds to become an important part of internet marketing option.  Also don’t miss our top optimization mistakes!

Backlinks are incredibly vital for improving website’s SEO ranking, increasing organic traffic, relationships, and even reputation. More often than not, high-quality backlinks are sourced from authentic and authoritative websites for the simple reason that Google rewards them with a lot of backlinks originating from other high-ranking blogs or sites. That means other top ranked sites will point backlinks to you only if they’re sure your website is worth it. Obviously, as you receive more and more links, your site will get more and more traffic and hits.

At this point in time, the key is finding options to get high-quality backlinks to your website. Of courses, there are many ways to achieve that objective, but here below are some of the top three backlink strategies that have been tested and proven incredibly reliable:

1). Get listed on local or popular business directories
If your business site is quite new, then the use of business directories is one of the easiest and quickest ways of getting strong backlinks. Despite the fact that submission directories are considered an old strategy that was a lot more useful in the yesteryears, it is still important even in today’s online business world. Business directories are guaranteed to get website owners authoritative and authentic backlinks effortlessly. They indeed help build strong trust for your site besides giving it domain authority. More importantly, your brand awareness grows with each listing, generating instant returns without heavy lifting.

You could choose to use typically all the directory available in tens of hundreds, but it is important to note that only a few of them are value posting to for inbound links. Based on your industry-specific, you will find free and paid listings directories. Always take advantage of the free listings first just before embarking on the paid options. Top internet directories for backlinks building include, but not limited to Yelp, YellowPages, Manta, Angie’s List, FourSquare, Better Business Bureau, HomeAdvisor, etc.

2). Submit guest posts to larger sites and relevant blogs
Guest posting will perhaps consume much of your time, but it has been known to have biggest rewards. As its name suggests, this strategy is all about creating blog posts or news articles and sending them to authoritative sites or relevant blog posts for approval and publishing. Building guest blogging networks and getting your distinctive content published on other websites will not only widen your brand’s spread and drive organic traffic back to your site, but also improves your site authority. Remember, the content you send for consideration and posting often has your “call-to-action” link. The benefit of using this strategy is that you will gain a long-term relationship with authentic, more established, and authoritative brand and website.

3). Compile a resource
It is undeniable that most of the internal links on your website features your original content, as either blog posts or informational pages. However, the content used to earn backlinks does not necessarily have to be original. Therefore, you just need to compile a resource such as a webinar or an e-book and share with your audience. This has to be something of great value!

The objective here is to come up with resources that are indeed important for your website visitors. Often, they will link back to the said resource if they choose to use them in their sites or blog posts. That way, you will be given more chances to earn backlinks from even your competitors. Overall, this strategy relies immensely on the relevance of your content.