1. Using different manipulations of numerical values is a method you can use to grab attention and differentiate your ads. Flaunting your inventory, listing numbers, product usage or customer base is a great way to cut through the noise and instantly establish credibility.
  2. No matter which industry you are in, a portion of users will view ads as threatening, some will perceive ads as helpful, and others will believe they aren’t relevant to their decision-making process. A big difference-maker in the interpretation of your digital presence is how you’re asking the user to engage with your brand.

    The first word in your call to action (CTA) in your PPC ad can make or break someone’s encounter with your brand. Optimize that first impression by testing the first word in your CTA.

  3. Even if your brand isn’t in the Fortune 500, including brand name in the Headline 2 of your non-brand campaigns can be quite helpful. Branding your ads helps to develop a persona, so the user knows they aren’t clicking on a random link but rather a company they can trust. Warm, fuzzy brand sentiment is always a good thing; if you’re successful, maybe you’ll earn repeat business from this customer.

Source: http://searchengineland.com

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