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Key Questions to Ask Before Getting into Internet Marketing

Whether you have a small company or a large corporation, internet marketing is key to helping your business flourish and grow. If you’ve never dabbled in marketing your business online, you might not be sure how it works or where to begin. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Here are some key questions to ask before … Read more

Marketing Campagins Combined with SEO In Austin

Marketing Campaigns Combined with SEO In Austin Is your Austin seo company combining your marketing campaign with your search engine optimization?  For years companies have treated seo campaigns separately from marketing campaigns.  If you want your business to succeed you need to make sure your marketing agenda is synced with your search engine optimization campaign. … Read more

What to Expect After You Hire an SEO Company

When a local business owner hires an SEO company for the first time they often don’t know what to expect.  I often get a phone call from the client about one to two weeks into a new SEO campaign and they are wondering when they will see the benefits.  When I first sign up a … Read more

Local SEO Versus Pay Per Click

When it comes to getting your name out there and having your site listed in search engine results, there are essentially two ways to accomplish this. One way is through Organic SEO, or Search Engine Optimization and the other way is through the Pay-Per-Click or PPC method. Both can be highly effective, but different resources … Read more

PPC or Pay Per Click Strategy and Going Beyond the Click

A successful PPC Management Expert will always have a strategy that is beyond the click.  Anyone can throw together a pay per click campaign and hope to get a few clicks.  But what a pay per click management expert will do is actually plan to not only get the largest amount of clicks for less … Read more