Backlink Building Services are a Part of a Comprehensive Internet Marketing Strategy

Building backlinks is a way to help a business reach their internet marketing goals.  Ysais SEO builds backlinks that will super charge your marketing strategy and is often part of a well rounded Internet Marketing or SEO campaign.

What is a Backlink and Why Do You Need Them?

link servicesSimply put a backlink is a hyper link to your website from another website.  For instance if you have a Yelp Business Page you will see a link back to your website or you will see your URL.  If you click on this link you will them be taken to your website.  A backlink can be a link to your website from any other website and can be in many different forms.  On the big social platforms like Facebook and Twitter you will see your link back to your website and it will be your URL.  It is also possible to have a link back to your website from a blog post or any other website and instead of having a URL  you will see works like the services you offer and if you click on the linked words you will be taken back to your website.  There are many different forms of backlinks but the simple definition is a link from any other website that is hyper linked back to your website and that link can be a URL or any words and it is always linked or hyper liked back to your website.  Often you will find backlink building services as a part of a well rounded Internet Marketing Strategy.  Backlinks help Google to determine what your website is about or what types of services you offer.  Google is super smart and their algorithm can do many things but we still have to build a great foundation so that Google is able to correctly determine where your business is located and the types of services that you offer.  It is possible to build that foundation with a backlink building campaign. Backlinks also build your website authority and trust which is very important for a successful campaign.  Remember, backlinks are a part of a campaign and is in no way the only part or technique to make sure your business reaches your customer acquisition goals.

Smart Sources for Reliable and Powerful Backlinks

It is important to not constantly reinvent the wheel because some of the hard work has already been accomplished.  Your competitors, by competitors I mean the businesses that offer your services but are already located on Page 1 of Google, have already spent a large portion of their marketing budget on backlink research.  If you know where to look and how to dig deeper you can gain a lot of reliable and powerful backlinks that your competitors are currently already using to reach their marketing goals.

We use tools to so spy on your competitors and to grab as many backlink opportunities for you as possible.  There are a a ton of tools on the market that will help you dig into your competitors backlinks like SEMRush and Ahref’s to name a few.  We use tools to compile a list of backlinks from all of your competitors and then we go through a process that clean’s the list.  We are looking for backlinks that are possible for us to obtain for you because your competitor will have a lot of backlinks that we are able to obtain on your behalf but they will also have backlinks that we won’t be able to obtain.  The backlink list is also cleaned and then put into an order so we have the most powerful links that are possible to obtain first and then we go down the list from there.  When we are looking for links we are looking for links that meet our special criteria because anyone can grab a whole bunch of backlinks and still not reach your marketing goals.  You must know how to evaluate a link and then make a decision to obtain that link.

Some of the most powerful backlinks can be found by searching your very own city.  Did you know that places like your city organization offers backlinks to local businesses?  Of course they are not just offering baclinks but an entire program to assist local businesses in that particular city.  The cities will often charge for programs and to be listed on the city websites so be sure to go over all of the pros and cons before signing up.    Geographical backlinks are some of the most sought after backlinks in a local internet marketing campaign.  You can even reach out to some of the local bloggers and ask to be featured on their website.

Social backlinks have to be mentioned in this section.  The most important foundation of backlinks is the social backlinks that you obtain from setting up business pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.  It is important to fill out your profiles as completely as possible and of course add your website for a social backlink.

The Magical Number of Backlinks Needed to Achieve Success

Clients will often ask how many backlinks they need to see success in their marketing campaigns.  There is no simple answer to that question.  You must consider that every website is different, every type of business is different and the search engines have over 200 qualifying factors before considering your website worthy of the first page.  Over 200 factors is a lot of factors and each region or niche is treated differently so in one city for a particular niche you might need 10 backlinks and then in a different city you might need 100 backlinks.  We can weigh all of the factors and speak from experience in many different local niches but there is never an answer to this question. We apply as many backlinks is needed so you reach your goals and we have a successful internet marketing campaign.

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