Google has confirmed that they did release an update around mid December. The search engines have seen some crazy behavior but we are happy to report none of our clients saw this shake up. Google hasn’t yet confirmed exactly what the update was targeting but SEO’s have pooled a ton of research together to try and make some educated guesses.

Ilya Onskul, the Product Owner of SEMrush Sensor gave this analysis:

“SEMrush Sensor follows all the changes that occur on Google SERPs in 6 countries for both mobile and desktop separately. On top of the general volatility score per country, Sensor tracks scores for various industries and indicates the change in 15 SERP features and % of HTTPS and AMP.

Some industries experience more change than the others on daily basis (for example, due to higher competitiveness). Thus, Sensor introduced the Deviation score that analyses which industries had biggest the volatility spikes in relation to their usual score.”

You can read the full article here:

Early sings point to mobile and schema as possible adjustments and targets but it is way to early to tell and we need a lot more data.

Perhaps this was an early Christmas present for the local community.  As I have said before if you are not mobile ready you will be in trouble soon.  The mobile algo should be released any day now.

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