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Mobile Predictions for 2018

As the year comes to a close we are always trying to predict what will happen in mobile search for the new year.  Personally for me and my agency I am leaning a lot less on backlinks and developed a method to boost local rankings. I can’t really give you the nuts and bolts of the new method because it is for clients only.  I did find a really great article on the 2018 Mobile predictions that will shed some light on where we are all headed in mobile.

In 2018 we should finally see the Mobile first index in Google search and that is something I can’t wait for Google to unveil.  It has been a long time coming and I am ready for Mobile first index to lead the way.

The biggest trend in 2017 that will continue to grow in 2018 is a movement toward Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs. You can expect them to be an even bigger focus in 2018.

Since PWAs will be in Google Play with native apps, Android users likely won’t be able to tell the difference between a native app and a PWA. On Android, it is important to note that Google may eventually change how they treat deep links when a PWA is available. Google may begin to prefer PWA content over deep links (especially if the app is not installed), just as they have done for AMP content.

This is less of a concern for iOS, especially if deep linking is happening through iOS Universal links rather than any Firebase implementation. Since Universal Links are executed with the iOS operating system rather than the browser, it seems likely that iOS will continue to honor Universal Links into apps, even if a PWA is available.

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For Search in 2018 we are seeing a rise in content rich websites leading the way for the win.  It isn’t just any old content but rather the context is King.


Article Credit: https://searchengineland.com/watch-2018-mobile-seo-predictions-288808

Check out the latest SEO Round up predictions for search 2018.  I picked a few of my favorites and will continue to watch the SERPS as 2018 rolls in.


#1. Barry Schwartz

Barry SchwartzGrowth in voice search, expansion on importance of mobile, and of course AI advancements.





#5. Eric Enge

1. We’ll see mobile-first roll out slowly as Google figures out how to deal with some many people having completely messed up mobile web sites (I know one huge brand that has only 3 pages on their mobile site). In spite of Google’s efforts, many sites will take huge hits to their SEO because they’re asleep at the switch.




#14. Dave Schneider

Dave SchneiderAs we’ve seen from Google’s algorithm updates, they are aggressively chasing down the openings that SEOs have been exploiting at the expense of valuable content.




Article Credit: https://shanebarker.com/blog/seo-predictions-2018-expert-roundup/


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