Incorporating an online chat tool for your website can increase visitor engagement and decrease bounce time, among other benefits. There are many reasons why, namely to improve your service and increase loyalty among your customers. In addition, when implemented correctly as part of your online marketing plan, live chat tools can boost your conversion rates by providing customers with immediate access to a live support person exactly when they need it. Convenience and familiarity are both benefits, to be sure, but even more — your customers will enjoy a more organized system that they can depend on when they need closure.

It’s important to populate a knowledge base with your company’s answers to common customer questions so your agents can provide this information at the click of a button. These questions can include anything from “How much do you charge for home care services?” to “How can your home care service help me and my loved ones?”

You come off as more informed and your customers are satisfied far more quickly to save both parties time and hassle, says Top Ten Reviews. Bottom line is, driving additional revenue to your site and business should be the crux of your online marketing strategy. If you are failing to create revenue consistently, you’re standing still. And standing still doesn’t make money.

Chat Tools: Defined

Let’s first define what chat tools are and what they do. Basically, these online tools allow you to interact in real-time with your audience. Your core audience (older females in charge of the care of their adult parents) don’t have time for lengthy phone calls. What they DO want is answers to their questions quickly from a caring person who understands their concerns. Period. Then they can move on with their day. Business 2 Community points out that 63 percent of people say they are more likely to go back to a website that offers live chat over ones that do not.

Seamless interaction is the name of the game here. Bottom line is, you want to offer quick resolution with proven results. Chat tools are essentially tools to help businesses like yours cut labor costs, leading to big savings along with increased use and convenience of your site, points out Business Insider.

If you don’t have chat yet, you’re losing potential business. You may not realize it, but you are. It’s even worse if your local competition has live chat and you don’t. It’s way too easy to lose a customer to the competition in this industry.

Chat Tool Resources:  Floship Live Chat:

Advantages of Chat Tools

When it comes to online marketing, there are several benefits to incorporating chat tools on your website, such as:

  1. Increased visitor engagement:Chat provides a channel for those who can’t engage over the phone, whether for privacy reasons or who are simply too busy and need to multitask, says Small Biz Technology. Customer engagement via chat tends to rise as additional support such as links or attachments convert chatting into a more comprehensive communication channel.
  2. Decreased bounce rates:A high bounce rate leads to missed sales opportunities and negative SEO effects as well as bad history memorization. Offering additional support through live chat is the best way to reduce bounce rates and can be extremely effective in reaching your potential customers.
  3. Closure:You want to instill a sense of closure and satisfaction from live chat, which is exactly what you’re giving. Rather than waste their time with aimless talk or navigating a tele-prompt system, you are securing your customers as you get them before they get frustrated and leave your site. Business 2 Community equates live chat to a 73 percent customer satisfaction rate. This is pretty high when you compare that rate to email and phone satisfaction rates which are at 61 percent and 44 percent, respectively.
  4. Immediacy:Wait times are lower with live chat compared with call centers or office-hour calling. Your customers are busy. They may be placing a shoe order online while cooking and trying to figure out the best home care solution for their parent — all at once. If you can’t be available for their questions right at that moment, you’re dead in the water.
  5. Time Savings:Statistics show most issues are resolved in just 41 seconds when it comes to chat tools. Fostering that sense of immediacy will act as a catalyst for further communication on the phone or in person. The ultimate call to action if you will!
  6. Details:With many live chat options, the customer can get a detailed print-out of the entire conversation for later reference. This is perfect for callers who may not be taking notes like they would with a phone call. Offering this value-added service for your core demographic means they can easily save the session for later reference, points out Money Crashers.

All of these benefits lead to lower bounce rates and increased engagement and conversion.

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