Improve Search Engine Ranking with SEO Consulting

One of the first tasks an SEO Consulting company will do is optimize your website.  By optimizing the website we are able to make sure the search engines know what services you offer and what areas you offer them in.  Often when I first review a website I notice that there is never enough content.  Did you know that content is actually a ranking factor?  Not just any content but content that fully explains your services so your customers can read it and understand but also so that a search engine bot will understand where you need to show up in the search engines.

Most of the time when I review a website as an SEO consultant for the first time I notice that typically there is around 200 words on the homepage.  200 words on the home page doesn’t explain much and the search engines aren’t likely to get a good understanding of your services and your service areas.  By using terms that explain your services but also terms that search engines associate with your services is very important.  Since content is a ranking factor sometimes people will want to throw a ton of content onto a website and that can also be a problem.

First, take a look at your landscape in the search engines.  What are the first page companies doing with their content?  Once you get an idea of the amount of content on each website take an average and see what the standard is for that city and that service.  Each service and each city can be very different so it is important that you take a look and get a good understanding of what you need to accomplish for your content.

Also, take a look at the actual content.  What words are they using and at what density are they using those words?  I bet you didn’t realize how much math an seo consulting company would use.  SEO is a little more than throwing links around and hoping.  You have to understand the mechanics of what makes websites go up and down in the search engines.  Optimizing is actually more of a math problem and probably why I enjoy consulting so much.

Once you have dialed in your content in terms of length and exactly the right terms you need to use the next step is planning where to place the words on the page.  Not only do you want your potential clients to call you or fill out your form but you need the search engines to also fully understand.  Everyone gives a lot of credit to the search engines and feels they are super technical with a lot of filters and algos that seem super complicated but if you break it down you begin to realize the search engines are more like a blind ten year old with a very basic understanding.  So, if you had to explain your services to a blind ten year old what would you say and how would you show them?  Doesn’t it sound as easy as you thought?

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