When we met a new client we are always asked the question:

Once my website ranks well in Google do we need to continue to pay a monthly SEO Fee?

Austin is a highly competitive area and everyone is trying to stay ahead of their competitors!  SEO or search engine optimization isn’t a one time service but a service that is a continuous process.  When your website ranks well for particular keywords and the phone begins to ring with new clients now is not the time to stop all SEO efforts!  In fact SEO works best if it is a continuous process that evolves over time.  Search Engine Optimization is a service that continues every day and when you stop the process your rankings will fall back in the results.  If your search engine optimization isn’t continuous eventually your keywords will fall and the phone will stop ringing.  This isn’t because anything is taken away but when you stop all SEO efforts it is a natural process for the website to fall in the rankings.

We encourage our clients to think of SEO Marketing as Marketing and to make sure it evolves with the growth of your company.  Search Engine Marketing is no different than other marketing efforts.  Search engine optimization is also like a fine wine and as it ages becomes better and better.  As you begin to land new clients and customers your internet marketing team is able to move your plan to suit your business.  Search engine optimization is very fluid and always changing.

It is always our suggestion to give Search Engine Marketing about six months before deciding to quit! If you are only looking for ONE month or two months of seo it is a waste of your time and money!  Search engine marketing is an investment that pays out in your return on investment!

Increasing your business and landing new clients will pay for your SEO!  If you are ready to increase your business today give us a call and let us know!

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