The majority of businesses are still not aware of what an SEO company can do for their business.  Not only what can search engine optimization do for your business but what is SEO?

SEO also known as search engine optimization is a science that some refer to as voodoo or magic because they don’t fully understand the fundamentals of SEO.

There are two types of search engine optimization:  On Page SEO and OFF page SEO and an SEO Company will address both of these areas.  An Austin SEO company is a marketing company that optimizes your website so that search engines understand what services you offer and what cities you offer your services in and then shows up when a potential new client is searching directly for your services.  A search engine optimization company makes sure your website is showing up in the search results for the proper keywords that help drive traffic to your website.

So What is an SEO Company?

Simply stated an seo company is a marketing company that helps clients find you through your website.  If you have a website do you know how many clients call you because they saw your website online?  If you don’t know it is about time you found out.  Businesses will pay an SEO Agency or Firm for their marketing services.  It is about time local businesses allocated a marketing budget for SEO and targeted clients in their services areas.  By targeting an audience that is already looking for your services you are one step ahead of your competitors.

Is your phone ringing with new clients?  98% of all clients look for a business online before engaging that business.

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