SEO ConsultantEvery once in a while we get the pleasure of meeting some of our SEO colleagues.  This doesn’t happen all the time but there are events that we get to network at and have some water cooler conversation.  I can say I had the pleasure of taking with the top West Palm Beach web designer with Web Design 499.

What I admired the most about the owner of Web Design 499 was his strategy to make sure web design was affordable to many different industries.  Often service industries have a hard time finding the ROI when they build a website for the first time but these guys have turned all of that around.

Web design is also vital right now because soon Google will be switching over to a mobile first index.  Many business owners don’t even understand what that means but to put it simply your website must be mobile ready or you will get left behind in the SERPS.  Your website must be responsive or have a mobile version.  Once Google switches over to Mobile first index the search bots will crawl your mobile version and that will help determine your position in the search engine results.  If you don’t have a mobile website or a responsive website your rankings for desktop won’t do well.

You can read more about it here:  Search Engine Land is still determining the mobile first index is still a few months away but will happen soon.  Is your Website mobile ready?  This is a type of change that you want to be in front of to help protect your rankings and current standings in the SERPS.  I will have a lot more on this topic as it unfolds and how it changes the local landscape.

Of course we also found the time to talk about Wellington SEO and how the company is successful to drive more traffic to client’s websites from Google.  I always like to discuss SEO Strategies in the different cities and the Wellington SEO Expert did have some insight into the city as well as his top notch strategies.  I was able to even take back some of their knowledge and apply it to our great Austin SEO Strategies as well.

While talking over SEO Strategies I was able to pick up some real key points and methods that helped this company reach their client’s goals in a timely manner and help grow their business.  I have to say I was impressed and I look forward to sharing more SEO secrets and learning more about the owner.

Not every SEO Expert can meet and hit it off successfully but there are some really good people in our industry and it is nice to be able to talk shop and have someone understand your love of all things Google.

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