Email marketing has become very popular over the last few years and it is no wonder that this is the case. Using emails gives you the opportunity to reach your target market quickly and cheaply. Having said this, many people get email marketing all wrong which leads to a low conversion rate, which is something that we should obviously try to avoid.

Knowing These Tips Will Up Your Game

In order to help you out with your email marketing campaigns, here are the top 5 tips from Austin seo consultants that will help increase your success with email marketing.

Make It Mobile Friendly

This is a such an obvious one to start out with but it’s amazing that you still see people making this mistake. The modern world has been transformed over the past few years. Mobile technology has taken over and people can’t go a couple of minutes without looking at their phones. With more and more people reading these emails on their phones, it is pivotal that they can still see the message in a clear and professional manner.

People won’t take you seriously if the formatting of the email is all over the place when they look at it on their phone. Also and probably most importantly they will not become paying customers.

Try Not To Rely On Images

Many people think that images will get across better than
words when they are trying to deliver a message and this very well might be the
case. However, when it comes to email marketing, many people will be reading
the email with image downloading turned off and so won’t get to see the bulk of
your email if you rely on images too heavily. You can still use images in your
marketing campaigns but be tactful in the way you use them.

Keep Your Emails Short and Sweet

We have all received emails that are incredibly long. Just think about your reaction to receiving that email. Yes, you sighed and maybe scanned through it without taking much in. Or, a lot of the time just clicked out of the email just as quickly as you went into it. Is this the impression that you want to give to your potential clients? Hopefully not. So do yourself a favour, keep the email short and to the point.

This not only increases the likelihood that the person receiving the email will actually read your email all the way through but also makes it more likely that they will act on it and become paying customers.

Educate Yourself On SPAM-Orientated Words

SPAM filters are becoming more and more sophisticated and so with that we must keep up and ensure that we don’t fall into this trap. The first area that people stumble into this barrier is in their subject line. There are lists and lists of words to avoid in your subject line. Look up a comprehensive list for yourself and ensure that you avoid these words. This will increase the amount of people receiving the email and so hopefully in turn increase your number of customers.

However, these SPAM filters are not only there for the subject line but throughout the email so make sure to word your emails carefully in order for them to get to as many people as possible.

Test Every Email

This is so important. You may think that everything in your email looks great and that nothing is wrong with it but you should always double check. You can do this by sending the email to yourself first and most email marketing softwares will allow you to do this. This ensures that you can see exactly what the people will receive. There are many problems that can be solved by doing this and I have caught myself countless times about to send an email only to spot a mistake through testing the email. It really is crucial.


Email marketing can be very effective when it’s done well
but can also be a catastrophic failure if you don’t follow the right
guidelines. If you use these tips, you will increase your success rate with
email marketing. With this increased marketing success you will see your
company grow bigger and better than ever before.