Ysais Digital Marketing is dedicated to helping promote local businesses right here in Central Texas. Ysais SEO offerings all online digital marketing services to small to medium sized businesses in Austin and surrounding areas.

So, what does it mean when we say we offer Exclusive SEO Services?

SEO Companies don’t want to talk about this or advertise this but most of them offer their SEO Services to every company that calls them. What does this mean? Well, it means that most seo companies will have more than one plumber in Austin trying to get to the first page.

In fact this means seo companies take on clients that are your direct competitors. I have seen this done first hand with an Austin SEO company that had three plumbers wanting to rank in Austin. The same company also had a few AC companies wanting to rank on the first page for the same terms in Austin and surrounding areas.

If the Austin SEO Agency is willing to sign up your competitors how are they watching out for your best interests? They are not!

Ysais SEO stands out because we are only offering Exclusive SEO packages. That means once we sign up a company we will not sign up their competitors. Our promise to you is solid and we will not sign up your competitors because you are our main focus. In fact we even put the terms of the Exclusive SEO packages in writing.

You can take a look around at your seo companies portfolio or check your competitors footer of their website for clues as to who is providing them with online marketing.

Some of you might be surprised at what you find. It isn’t always visible but some of the Austin SEO companies do like to place a link in the footer of your website and that can be found on all or most of their client’s websites.

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