Often a client isn’t sure what to look for in a local seo company.  In fact, most of the time the client isn’t even sure of the questions they should ask and it makes it hard for the client to choose the best search engine optimization team for them.  Most companies in Central Texas hire an optimization crew and they are never sure what they will get for their monthly fees.  All search engine optimization companies in Texas are different and they meet the needs of their clients differently.

Some marketing companies will offer a monthly progress report that shows the companies keywords and their current rankings.  They can also show the hours of research they poured into the client and if all goes well the client’s keywords will rise in the rankings.  It is becoming harder to rank companies well in the search engines and often it takes longer but if you find a good internet marketing agency then you will be pleased with the results.

You can measure your online marketing by your ranking reports.  Are your keywords moving up in Google or are they moving down?  Does your marketing team provide a ranking report?  You must make sure you have a way to monitor your online campaign to make sure your current campaign is actually working to bring you more clients.

If your phone is ringing and you are gaining new customers then odds are your current marketing team is doing a great job with your campaign.  Central Texas is very competitive and a lot of top SEO agencies are in the area that can provide great results.  If you are not noticing more website traffic or an increase in your current client load then your search engine optimization firm may not be doing the right things for your business.  Do you need more customers?  If so we can help!

What sets us apart from the other Agencies?

  • Exclusive Optimization Services (We won’t work for your competitors)

  • Search Engine Domination / Search Optimization

  • Targeted Keyword Research

  • Free Website Analysis

Each search engine optimization marketing plan is different and tailored to each client’s business.  Each business is different and the marketing team must understand the client base and the proper keywords to bring in qualified traffic.  SEO is not a cookie cutter business and what works for one business may not work for another so it is important that we individualize each marketing plan.

Central TX is growing very quickly and the number of businesses are also growing.  If you want to keep up online then isn’t it time you find the right Digital Marketers for you?  Did you know that almost 90% of shoppers will look up the business online first before making a purchase?  This includes Texas service companies, insurance companies, doctors and more.  In fact if you don’t have an online presence tailored to your needs then you are missing out on qualified traffic.  If you have a website make sure it is the marketing machine that you dreamed it would be.  Many times businesses develop a website but they don’t realize a good qualified optimization agency would be needed to make sure their clients find their website.  The search engines have changed and so has the online business space.  Make sure you have a search engine optimization marketing team to meet your business goals.

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