What can a search engine optimization marketing consultant do for your business?  Most of the time our potential clients don’t really understand the power of a Marketing Consultant Agency or the power of search engine optimization.  SEO as most refer to it is marketing on the internet and helping the search engines fully understand your website so clients are able to find your website easily.  We decided to share search engine optimization results as we work on a client’s website for the first time.  This will be an ongoing article that will be updated as new results are realized in the search engines.  The post will help showcase some of our Austin seo services.

We signed up a new client on May 9, 2016 and the main goal for this client was to strengthen the websites presence in Austin and begin an SEO campaign for the surrounding areas of Buda, Kyle and San Marcos, TX.

Check the Website to Create a Strong Marketing Foundation

The first thing we do is go over the foundation for all internet marketing campaigns which is the website of the business.  We check to make sure the website is functioning as it should be and we make sure all of the website pages are operating and do not contain broken links.  There are a lot of details we check to make sure we create a strong foundation for the Off Page search engine optimization.  Most Austin SEO agencies rush the On Page SEO stage and don’t feel it is as important as the Off Page Optimization but nothing further can be from the truth.  The On Page SEO is the foundation for the entire marketing campaign for local Austin businesses and if you have a weak foundation you will have a weak marketing campaign.  Here are some of the items we updated during the On Page SEO process:

  • Updated Website Content to match the cities the client wants to rank well in the search engines
  • Added Links to all Social Properties owned by the client such as Google+, Twitter and Facebook
  • Added Schema to match the Google+ listing Business Name, Address, Phone Number, Longitude and Latitude and more.
  • Added Geographical information to every image on the website
  • Updated all Alt Tags for each of the images to target keywords in the Marketing campaign
  • Created a Silo on the website by making sure each page is interlinked with contextual links

We completed the full on page optimization process and then we take a look at the results.  Typically, an SEO Agency or Firm in Austin will rush the process and the foundation isn’t as strong as it can be and they begin the off page optimization before even evaluating their on page process.  If you rush the optimization process the consulting agency won’t know what is or isn’t working when the campaign stalls or stops making progress.

Our marketing optimization process is different and we make all on page SEO changes and then we wait to see how the search engines respond.  As the search engines respond to the on page optimization changes we can determine if the foundation is strong for your SEO campaign.

Here are the keyword rankings of our new client before we started any search engine optimization changes.  Notice San Marcos and Kyle keywords with dashes and no numbers means they are not ranking in the top 200 for those particular search terms or keywords.

Top Spot seo company

After on page search engine optimization was completed the keyword rankings jumped up in the search engines about five spots for the Austin Area and even more for the surrounding areas.  You want to see an improvement in rankings with any on page optimization that an SEO agency performs.

Off Page SEO Consulting Phase

Once we have worked on the on page optimization and we see the initial jump in the search engines we are ready to begin the next process of Off Page Optimization.  During the process we evaluate your citations such as Yelp and other major directories.  We check your main competitor’s citations, social presence and backlinks.  All of this sounds pretty technical but we are able to determine pretty quickly what your off page optimization needs to be and we begin the process.  Again we are an Austin SEO Consulting Firm that takes their time so we can measure our results.

We set up a backlink for this client and we optimized the backlink for several of their keywords.  Two days after the backlink was created we saw an initial jump in the search engines:

Austin Search Engine Optimization Results

The initial jump in keyword rankings was great but we knew there would be a second jump about 13 days after the backlink was created  and we recorded the results.


SEO Services in Austin Top Spot SEO Company

At this point we were one month and a few days into the search engine optimization campaign.  The client is showing up on the first page for Austin, Buda and Kyle keywords.  We also manged to capture map listings and here are the images:

Austin seo Agency

What is interesting about the Buda Google maps placement is my client is located in Austin.  Certainly the boundaries between Austin and Buda can be blurred with Google from time to time and we are taking full advantage by ranking our client in Buda maps as well as in local Google organic rankings.  Our client is ranking second in the maps section and third in local organic.  That means our client has two spots on the first page of Google.

Austin SEO agency

We are currently one month and two weeks into our Search Engine Marketing Campaign with this client.  We hold multiple page one listings in surrounding cities and in Austin.  Moving forward we will improve our keyword rankings in Austin as well as improve our map rankings.  Austin is a larger city so we see expect a little more time before all keywords jump up in the search engines onto the first page.

What is Next?

We noticed there are several Yelp listings on page one for the Austin keywords.  Our goal is to capture as many spots on the first page of Google as possible…….. we will post an update when we are two months into this campaign.

Stay tuned for the next update.

Ysais Digital Marketing, LLC