Typically, a client is confused or not sure of the best time to hire a search engine optimization Consultant.  The best time to hire a search engine marketing expert is when you begin to build your website.  It is common for a client to build a site anSearch Engine Optimization Expertd then after some time they realize no one is finding their company online.  It is after the lack of client phone calls that a client becomes curious about SEO in Central Texas.  In Central Texas technology is fast paced and search engine optimization is the same and it moves very quickly.  Before you build your site it is best to get advice from a marketing agency or firm.  Many web developers will tell you they know all about internet optimization and many even claim to be the best internet marketers in Austin but the fact remains that many website developers don’t really know Search Optimization.

Before you build your site consult with an expert to work with the developer to make sure your website is in fact search engine optimization friendly.  Many developers will build a website based on how the graphics looks and they won’t take into consideration specific search engine optimization issues such as making sure the website has the proper alt tags on images and the website pages are in a silo.  In fact all of this isn’t possible without a search engine optimization consulting firm because most web designers are not sure which keywords that bring traffic.  I collaborated with an SEO Colleague for this article and a few projects and I wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work over at Cambridge SEO.

Most of my clients hire me as their marketing professional after their website has been built.  I will go in and adjust everything on the website I need to adjust to ensure they receive maximum SEO value.  But if you have the option to hire an SEO Consulting firm during the build of your website I would highly suggest you do.  In our city search engine optimization is a fast paced race to the finish.  You can start your race with a poor foundation or you can start the race with a sturdy SEO foundation that will allow your business to attract the customers you want to attract.

When Should I Hire an SEO Consultant?

If you are ready to have your website updated or built for the first time now is the time to find an SEO Consulting Firm.  If you have already built your site and you need more clients or you need your phone to ring with people who want the services you offer now is the time to call Ysais Digital Marketing!  We make sure clients find your website before they find your competitors.  We bring qualified traffic to your website.  That means we locate keywords that buyers use to locate your services that you already offer and we make sure they find your website.  Call us today for a free SEO Consultation.

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