What does SEO do? Search Engine Optimization or SEO has two phases.  Austin SEO Experts or can use search engine optimization to make sure your business reaches new clients.  SEO has two phases that some call on page seo and off page seo.  Sometimes you will hear companies call it passive and active search engine optimization.  It can become confusing for business owners but it is a good idea to learn more about passive and active SEO.

On Page SEO or Passive Search Engine Optimization is everything you do to a website to make sure the search bots know exactly who you are and what services you offer.  A lot of web developers throw around the term on page SEO but honestly they don’t do everything that an optimization team member would do!  Web designers and developers like to use the term SEO a lot because it is a popular thing to say but if you really want to find out if you have great on page SEO give us a call and we will perform a free on page seo analysis.  Passive search engine optimization will include title tags and meta descriptions but most of the web developers will forget to use alt tags for images or properly name the files for the images they use on a website.  On page SEO builds a great foundation but in today’s competition you need more than just passive SEO to beat your competitors.

Off Page SEO deals with back links and domain authority, page authority, citations and much more.  On page SEO makes sure your off page seo is effective and together will help a business increase their client base.  If you have hired an optimization specialist and your phone isn’t ringing with new clients let us know and we will do a free consultation to find out why your current plan isn’t working.

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