Consider your small businesses website as the face of your company online. For online consumers, your landing page will be the first thing that they see when they find your business through search engines or social media. Because of this, it is crucial to make a great first impression.  The object of a website is to turnover customers and generate revenue for your business; it is for educating consumers on the service your business offers and creating a sale. A poorly made website hardly creates the impression of confidence in your business.

Both Methods Have Their Merits and Drawbacks

There is a long-fought debate over whether small business owners should hire a professional web developer or create their website themselves. Believe it or not, both methods have their merits, and drawbacks. Let’s take a look at some of the ways each method compares, and their pros and cons.

The Cost Ranks High In the Decision Making

When it comes to running a small business, money is almost always tight. Small business owners will need to pinch every cent the can in order to help reinvest it into the company. That is why cost is a massive factor when it comes to building your own website. When building a website, it will almost always save you money to do it yourself.

This is because you will be able to access a large portion of the cost for free–that is, labor. In web development, the labor of the process and hourly cost is likely to be the largest portion of your bill. You save on that when you do it yourself.

Time is a Precious Commodity For a Small Business

In regard to time, it can be the most precious commodity for a small business owner. Time = money as they always say. In this regard, every second you spend away from your active business, you are potentially losing money. Hiring a professional allows you to maximize your time and avoid having to worry about the hours upon hours that it will take to build a website.

The Quality of the End Product is Essential

The actual quality of the final product is hard to estimate. There are a number of affordable–and even free- resources for building websites available to those who know where to find them. In this way, a great looking and functioning website can be achieved by doing it yourself.

However, learning how to utilize these tools and implement them properly can take a lot of effort and the end result can still be sub-par. With a professional you are nearly guaranteed a high-quality product. If you do it yourself, you are rolling the dice on your own ability and skill.

Pros and Cons for Both Methods

Ultimately, the choice is going to be circumstantial and largely up to you. The final outcome is going to come down to a multitude of variables that only you as the business owner can predict. However, here are the pros and cons of each summarized.

The pros of building a website yourself:

  • Cheaper
  • More control over the process
  • No middle-man negotiations

The cons of building a website yourself

  • More time consuming
  • Quality isn’t guaranteed
  • It can require a lot of effort

The pros of hiring a professional

  • Faster turnaround
  • Access to more professional resources
  • Additional services and tools that come with the package

The cons of hiring a professional:

  • More expensive
  • The potential for miscommunication
  • Less control over the final product

Final Thoughts

In the end, most would advise you to simply outsource the process to a professional or professional web development agency. However, if you are confident in your own skill and know-how, you can still create a great product on your own. The choice is yours to make.