When an SEO Consultant takes on a new client often they mention the return on investment for the company.  In fact the ROI for the business is often even larger than predicted.  Digital Marketing or Search Engine Optimization Consultants are able to place your website in the search engines so your potential clients can find you easily.  Often it is a race among competitors to get to the top first.  Most businesses understand ROI and the benefit but connecting SEO to the ROI is a little harder for companies as they haven’t placed search engine optimization fully in the marketing category yet.  Often companies don’t connect their online marketing with their off line marketing to make an even larger impact for the local company and an even larger Return on investment.

I found a great write up about ROI and how it ties into SEO and most importantly what the ROI can mean to you if you hire a SEO Consultant.  Here are a few highlights and also a link to the actual article.

What Is ROI and How To Calculate It

ROI is a metric used to measure how much was gained vs what effort was put in. It’s a metric that highlights which campaigns have performed best. Marketing & Digital Marketing managers want to be about to know if they spend X, then how much are they going to get in return 2X, 3X.

The formula for ROI is simple:

  • ROI = (Increase from Campaign – Cost of the Campaign) / Cost of Campaign

Working Out Traffic Predictions with SEO Consultants

It’s now for the second part which is how to make traffic predictions. Now like any form of prediction it is just a prediction which means its highly likely to be wrong. However, the more predictions you make the better you will get. However, we are going to show you some quick technics to make sure you are as accurate as possible.

The first part of any traffic prediction is understanding where traffic will be heading in the next 12 months if you did nothing, i.e. natural growth.

Now there is so many days to do this, however I will share you just one way I do it, however you are free do use your own method.

To predict future traffic, I go to Google Analytics and I click on Acquisition > Campaigns > Organic Keywords.

You can learn more here: https://searchenginewatch.com/2016/12/16/how-to-predict-roi-for-seo-fixes/

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