When a local business owner hires an SEO company for the first time they often don’t know what to expect.  I often get a phone call from the client about one to two weeks into a new SEO campaign and they are wondering when they will see the benefits.  When I first sign up a new client I am very clear that Organic SEO does take some time.  In fact an SEO campaign can take months before a business can see the benefits.  All things in Google are not fast and you don’t want them to be fast or you will have other issues that can wreck your domain.  You want your SEO campaign to be nice and steady but never super fast.

In the beginning of a campaign often the business owner won’t get a lot of phone calls quickly.  This is just the nature of the game.  I am completely up front about the amount of work that goes into a good campaign and I am also transparent about the amount of time before the client can hear the results by the phone ringing.  An organic SEO campagin is for the long haul and long term results.  The short term results you want to look at a Pay Per Click campaign.  I like to combine PPC with organic SEO for the best results for the client.  The pay per click will get the phone ringing quickly but the organic campaign will build trust and authority into the client’s site providing long term results.

Every business is different in what they can afford in their marketing budgets but its important that the business have a marketing budget that will allow for online marketing.  If your company isn’t online or if no one can find your website while searching terms that pertain to your services then you are not visible online.  What to Expect After You Hire an Austin SEO Company.  Ysais SEO, offers different plans for different levels of marketing.  You can call today and ask for a free SEO consultation and work out a plan that is right for your business.  The best way to approach online marketing if possible is with a combination plan that allows the best of both worlds.  Not every business can afford to use the combination plan so it all depends on the amount of marketing budget the business has set aside for online marketing.  SEO campagins are important so most businesses should think about their budget and how much return they would like to see.  If you budget to low and it doesn’t bring in enough clients then you may consider increasing your budget.  Each industry is different and no two campaigns are the same.

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