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Pay Per click ExpertWhen it comes to getting your name out there and having your site listed in search engine results, there are essentially two ways to accomplish this. One way is through Organic SEO, or Search Engine Optimization and the other way is through the Pay-Per-Click or PPC method. Both can be highly effective, but different resources must be put into each. Keep reading to find out which is best for your business.

Organic SEO

Think about when you use your favorite search engine. The links that pop up on the page, usually after the first couple of sites listed, are these results. They are the top websites on the topic you were wondering about. It’s not that easy though. To get one of the top spots on a major search engine, there is an enormous amount of work involved. You must understand how the ranking process works, be a site that many people trust, and keep on top of all types of rules and information that is always changing. While there’s no money directly involved, you must take into account the work and time you’ll have to put into the changes you’ll need to make and details you’ll have to stay abreast of, in order to keep a top spot.

PPC or Pay Per Click

Think again about searching for things online. The results at the top of the page are usually PPC ads. This means that the company paid to be the first search result you see. It isn’t all about money, however. These sites still have to be trustworthy and offer the user something. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be getting clicks to their sites. As the name suggests, you do have to pay for a PPC campaign. The prices depend on what your goals are and can be fit into virtually any budget. They are an excellent way to not only get your site or product noticed, but also to see what works well for your consumers.

Which is Better?

Both of these options are great, and the only difference is the time and resources you can put into getting your name out there. In the case of Organic SEO, it will take so much effort and time that you may have to end up hiring an SEO Company to help you be as successful as you want to be.

When it comes to PPC, you have creative and budgetary control for the most part. You can see what parts of your ads are performing well and change things up whenever necessary. At the same time, you will have to pay your PPC Management Services money each time someone clicks on your link. Alternatively, you can hire a Google Adwords Consultant to walk you through the whole process and make sure everything runs smoothly.

If you have the time, resources, and know-how, there’s nothing to lose in trying out Organic SEO. On the other hand, PPC is something easy to use, and it can help you get your name spread much farther than you may imagine. It’s up to you to decide which way you feel comfortable with and start working on how to expand your brand.

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Google My Business Adds Posts Search Engine Optimization

Now when you log into your Google My Business account on the left hand side you can see they have added the ability to add posts.  The posts can be from 100-300 characters, add an image and add an event and or button to whatever it is you are talking about.

Here is an example of one I set up today:

Tree Service

You can’t embed the post yet and I hope that is something they will add so I had to link to the post.  But here is an embed of me sharing the same post on Twitter:

The hashtag is set up to tag Google automatically and there is a pre-made message but I would suggest adding a few of your own hashtags and adding your own keywords if you would like.

Effective SEO Strategies and Marketing Advice Search Engine Optimization

SEO ConsultantEvery once in a while we get the pleasure of meeting some of our SEO colleagues.  This doesn’t happen all the time but there are events that we get to network at and have some water cooler conversation.  I can say I had the pleasure of taking with the top West Palm Beach web designer with Web Design 499.

What I admired the most about the owner of Web Design 499 was his strategy to make sure web design was affordable to many different industries.  Often service industries have a hard time finding the ROI when they build a website for the first time but these guys have turned all of that around.

Web design is also vital right now because soon Google will be switching over to a mobile first index.  Many business owners don’t even understand what that means but to put it simply your website must be mobile ready or you will get left behind in the SERPS.  Your website must be responsive or have a mobile version.  Once Google switches over to Mobile first index the search bots will crawl your mobile version and that will help determine your position in the search engine results.  If you don’t have a mobile website or a responsive website your rankings for desktop won’t do well.

You can read more about it here:  http://searchengineland.com/googles-mobile-first-index-still-months-away-271851  Search Engine Land is still determining the mobile first index is still a few months away but will happen soon.  Is your Website mobile ready?  This is a type of change that you want to be in front of to help protect your rankings and current standings in the SERPS.  I will have a lot more on this topic as it unfolds and how it changes the local landscape.

Of course we also found the time to talk about Wellington SEO and how the company is successful to drive more traffic to client’s websites from Google.  I always like to discuss SEO Strategies in the different cities and the Wellington SEO Expert did have some insight into the city as well as his top notch strategies.  I was able to even take back some of their knowledge and apply it to our great Austin SEO Strategies as well.

While talking over SEO Strategies I was able to pick up some real key points and methods that helped this company reach their client’s goals in a timely manner and help grow their business.  I have to say I was impressed and I look forward to sharing more SEO secrets and learning more about the owner.

Not every SEO Expert can meet and hit it off successfully but there are some really good people in our industry and it is nice to be able to talk shop and have someone understand your love of all things Google.

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If you are not sure if your website is mobile ready give us a call and we will check your website for free.

PPC or Pay Per Click Strategy and Going Beyond the Click Austin

PPC Management ServicesA successful PPC Management Expert will always have a strategy that is beyond the click.  Anyone can throw together a pay per click campaign and hope to get a few clicks.  But what a pay per click management expert will do is actually plan to not only get the largest amount of clicks for less ad spend but they are always planning beyond the click.  Let’s say a person loves your ad because it is in the right place at the right time and they are looking to buy your particular service.  So, they click your PPC ad and they go straight to your home page….. Is that typical?  Well, it is typical if you don’t have a successful PPC Management expert handling your pay per click campaign.

I can’t tell you how many PPC Ads I have seen that lead you straight to the homepage of a website.  But many will ask what is wrong with that? Well, to begin with the homepage is not optimized for that particular click or for any pa per click ads campaign.  You often have the wrong information on a homepage that won’t help the person that click’s your ppc ad to be able to decide if they want to call you or hire you for services.

Your homepage of your website should never be the landing page of any campaign.  You have a navigation that let’s people click all over the website instead of helping them decide on the services you offer.  You don’t want to waste a perfectly good click and then dump everyone on your homepage and let them try to find your phone number or let them click around all over your website.

What do you want on a PPC landing page?  You don’t want the full navigation on your landing page that you have on a typical website page.  The reason is you want to make an offer and then give the person that clicked your ad a choice to call you or fill out your form.

You want you call to action to be there loud and clear.  So do you want the person to call you or fill out a form?  Or answer a survey?  All of this must be planned out before the campaign even begins and no campaign is created equal.

If you have a PPC ad campaign that is leading your customers directly to the homepage of your website give me a call for a free consultation.  Ysais Pay Per Click Marketing (512)657-8773

Are you looking for a PPC Expert or Pay Per Click Management? Uncategorized

What is a PPC Expert?  PPC stands for pay per click and a PPC Expert or Pay Per Click Expert manages businesses pay per click ads with the search engines like Google and Bing.  Many times, a business will throw up a PPC ad and spend a lot of money quickly.  For instance, I had a client spend $1,000.00 in two days because they set the ads up wrong.

PPC Ads may seem easy at first I mean you have the dashboard and all of the instruction on how to set the ads up and you connect a credit card and then you kind of forget about it.  Sounds easy, right?

What many people don’t understand is there is a lot more to these PPC campaigns.  Sure, it is easy to set up and follow some simple instructions but will they work? Will you get new customers?  If you do get new customers how much did you spend to acquire that customer?

Pay Per click expertThe client I mentioned above spent $1,000.00 on their own pay per click campaign and they didn’t’ get one phone call so that spent $1,000 and didn’t get a new customer.  After talking with them and analyzing where the campaign they set up we were easily able to manage the account and make some much needed changes to ensure their pay per click campaign brings them in new customers and they don’t have to spend $1,000 in ad spend.

One of the biggest mistakes I see as a pay per click expert, PPC expert is many people set up their campaigns and make their landing page their home page.  The landing page is the page on your website that the potential customer will land after they clicked your ad.  The home page of a website isn’t set up correctly to help really nail down a new customer coming from a PPC ad campaign.  You want an optimized page that is very detailed to the services the potential customer is seeking and you don’t want a bunch of places they can click around on your site.  You want the potential customer to come in to a highly-optimized page and have very few choices other than to call you or fill out your form.

Another mistake is to drive potential customers to your website and not set up a re-targeting campaign.  If they visited your site once and didn’t become a new customer a re-targeting campaign can help them remember you when they are ready to purchase your services.  As a PPC Expert I am actually shocked at how many agencies forget to use re-targeting but you have people claiming to be experts when they are not.

Ysais PPC Expert makes sure you have the proper landing page for your pay per click ad and we not only utilize Google but we also utilize Bing. Believe it or not you can actually bring in new customers from Bing and a lot of so called experts forget about this search engine.  We not only combine PPC with re-targeting but we are able drive down your ad spend.  That means you gain new customers and spend less per acquisition.

Sure, setting up a Pay per click campaign is easy but is it effective? If you want results then you need to hire the top Pay per click Expert.

Give me a call today and let me manage your pay per click marketing services.

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